Abinader hands over Dr. Elio Fiallo Provincial Hospital and First Level Center in Pedernales

President Luis Abinader delivered this Wednesday the refurbished Dr. Elio Fiallo Provincial Hospital and the new Pedernales 3-4 First Level Center, which bring health services and attention to the population in dignified spaces.

This, in turn, raises the quality of life of the inhabitants of this province, impacting thousands of people in this and other neighboring areas.

Addressing those present, President Abinader affirmed that “for this destination to develop in an integral, correct and successful manner, we had to improve this hospital”, which is now able to provide health services in a dignified manner to the residents of the area and to tourists.

He also highlighted that the investment made in this government administration is much more efficient than in previous years, so it has been possible to equip these centers with high quality equipment at a lower cost.

“That is why it is essential to dispose of resources correctly, with transparency and honesty.”

The construction works were executed by the National Health Service (SNS), with an amount of DR 89,707,298.62.

The head of the SNS, Mario Lama, emphasized that these centers are part of President Luis Abinader’s commitment to bring quality, state-of-the-art health care to every citizen.

He also emphasized that the center now has the necessary space and equipment for various surgeries and that referrals to other centers have been reduced by 80%.

Dr. Elio Fiallo Provincial Hospital

The investment in infrastructure and equipment for this center is DR 71,147,331.5, which was used to adapt the emergency area, which now has ten observation and nursing beds.

It also has 33 inpatient beds, laboratory, X-rays, sonography, five consulting rooms, dentistry, vaccination and pharmacy, surgical unit, delivery room and sterilization area, among others.


Meanwhile, the new Pedernales 3-4 First Level Center, built with more than RD18 million, consists of four consulting rooms, three multipurpose and one dental, vaccination area, emergency and pharmacy. It also has a medical residence with living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry area.

Present at the ceremony were the First Lady Raquel Arbaje; Governor Altagracia Brea de González; the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos; the Director of Public-Private Partnerships, Sigmund Freund, and the Director of Intrant, Randolfo Rijo, as well as deputies, among others.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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