Ministry of Culture announces the winner of the 2022 Annual History Awards

The winner of the prestigious José Gabriel García Annual History Prize was announced at a press conference held at the Ministry of Culture. In the 2022 edition, Francisco Bernardo Regino Espinal has been awarded for his unpublished work “Slavery, haciendas and production in Santo Domingo, 1779-1780”.

The notary attorney Ruddy N. Frias was in charge of opening the envelopes with the verdict and the name of the winner, in the presence of Pastor de Moya, vice minister of Cultural Identity and Citizenship, who read the contents of both documents for the media attending the event.

Previously, Fari Rosario, director of Literary Management, addressed those present to explain that the award is given in two modalities: one year it does so for published works and another for unpublished works, as is the case of the winning work of the 2022 edition.

“The study of the events that took place in the 18th century in a specific geographical portion of the national territory contributes to understanding the Dominican society of those years and extrapolates to the current society,” states the verdict of the jury, composed of Alejandro Paulino Ramos, Rafael Enrique Jarvis and Juan Ventura.

The Annual José Gabriel García History Prize is awarded to a single winner and includes the publication of the work by the Ministry of Culture, through Editora Nacional. In addition, the winner will receive a diploma of recognition and a monetary award of 500,000 pesos.

Francisco Bernardo Regino Espinal joins the distinguished list of winners of the annual José Gabriel García History Prize, standing out for excellence in research and invaluable contribution to the historical narrative of the Dominican Republic.

The winning author is a native of Santiago de los Caballeros and graduated in Business Administration in 1975, followed by a master’s degree in Foreign Trade in 1986 and a doctorate in Humanities and History at the University of Seville (Spain) in 2006.

This award, in accordance with Decree No. 3-17, dated January 6, 2017, has as its fundamental objective to stimulate and recognize the works of researchers of Dominican nationality, whether resident in the country or abroad, who represent an original, transcendent and undeniable contribution to Dominican history.


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