SeNaSa saves 700 million pesos for its affiliates

The director of SeNaSA, Dr. Santiago Hazim, informed that they have managed to save 700 million pesos for the affiliates of this insurance company after the increase in attention to high-cost diseases in the Basic Health Plan from one million to two million pesos for the more than 7.5 million affiliates.

Hazim, while giving a report to President Luis Abinader, pointed out that “this single measure has had a direct impact on the reduction of out-of-pocket expenses and has allowed the continuity of their treatments without interruptions in procedures and conditions such as: cardiac surgeries for bypass, repair or replacement of heart valves, vascular surgeries for the management of thoracic and abdominal aorta diseases, vena cava, pulmonary and renal vessels and revascularization in lower limbs, adult and pediatric cancer, chronic renal insufficiency (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), vital organ transplants, severe burns of 3rd. degree burns and neurosurgery, among others”.

The doctor said that, after three years as director of the ARS of the Dominicans, in addition to this unprecedented milestone, “SeNaSA has been the main tool for achieving the long-awaited universalization of health insurance coverage promoted by the World Health Organization, reaching 98% of the Dominican population affiliated to the Family Health Insurance, and this has been accompanied by the improvement of benefits for its members”.

He recalled that during this governmental period alone, they managed to affiliate more than 2.7 million people to SeNaSa, “reaching 7,517,000 affiliates, among which are 2.3 million who were not affiliated to the Dominican Social Security System or who, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had lost their formal employment; to which must be added the 457,000 in the Contributive Regime, making SeNaSa synonymous with social security”.

Hazim explained that if today SeNaSa occupies the first place in the preference of workers, it is because of the hard work of all the men and women who work in this institution and that is why today he can affirm that from “1,173,000 affiliates in 2020 we will go to 1,630,000 in October 2023 in the Contributive Regime, becoming the number one ARS in the Family Health Insurance. It is worth mentioning that more than 47% of the affiliates of this regime correspond to the private sector”.

The official emphasized that the government led by Luis Abinader and the Vice President Raquel Peña, together with the whole team, has done the greatest act of justice with the retiring State employees, “including 38,745 new pensioners to SeNaSa, so that the affiliated population went from 63,095 to 101,840 protected persons. This is part of the total of more than 1,256,000 affiliates over 60 years of age of the total portfolio”.

Regarding the promise made by the President that no Dominican will be left out, he pointed out that to date they have 6,000 Dominicans who have affiliated to the Larimar plan. Dominicans living abroad, specifically in the United States, where six offices have been opened, can purchase their plan in the cities of New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando and Boston “and 4 more offices are in the process of being opened. They can purchase a plan similar to the one available to residents of the national territory to receive health services in the Dominican Republic”.

The SeNaSA director emphasized that they are the only ARS that has contracted the largest network of health service providers, which to date totals 9,001.


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