Ministry of Culture awards the 2023 Annual Literature Prizes

The Ministry of Culture held today the ceremony of the Annual Literature Awards, in which six writers were recognized in different genres, in an event held in the Ramon Oviedo Gallery of the headquarters of the government institution.

The event was headed by Ramón Pastor De Moya, vice minister of Cultural Identity and Citizenship, who was accompanied by Ángela Hernández, general director of Books and Reading and Fari Rosario, director of Literary Management, who was in charge of opening the ceremony, in which he highlighted the quality of the participating works.

During his speech, De Moya explained that the main purpose of this award is to promote the development of Dominican literature and to recognize the quality of the works of Dominican writers currently residing in the country or abroad.

He also presented the rules of the Annual Literature Awards 2024, and called on Dominican writers to participate with their works.

Winners and their works

1. Salomé Ureña de Henríquez Annual Poetry Prize. Aquiles Amadeo Antonio Julián Barrera was awarded for his work “Pájaro que hace cantar al árbol” (Bird that makes the tree sing). Barrera, a multifaceted Dominican writer, playwright, filmmaker and cultural manager, has accumulated numerous awards in the fields of poetry, short stories and theater.

2. José Ramón López Annual Short Story Award. Denis Enrique Mota Álvarez received the award for his captivating work “A Carolina le encantba bailar”. Mota, a native of San Rafael del Yuma, has made his mark in literary contests and is recognized for his contribution to the world of letters.

3. Manuel de Jesús Galván Annual Novel Prize. Franz Manuel García Zorrilla was awarded for his work “El aire del olvido”. A Dominican narrator and screenwriter, García Zorrilla has excelled in both commercial creativity and literature, garnering multiple awards throughout his career.

4. Pedro Henríquez Ureña Annual Essay Award. Roque Diómedes Santos Cueto received the award for his outstanding essay “Raza y nación en la obra literaria de Francisco Moscoso Puello” (Race and Nation in the literary work of Francisco Moscoso Puello). Santos Cueto, professor and researcher, has dedicated his career to the study of philosophy and the humanities.

5. Aurora Tavárez Belliard Annual Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Literature. Delmia Geraldine de Santis Medina was recognized for her work “La temible banda de los atracadores de sueños”. As a teacher, writer and researcher, De Santis Medina has made outstanding contributions in the field of children’s and young adult literature.

6. Cristóbal de Llerena Annual Theater Award. Osiris Vallejo Adames was awarded for his play “Malagente”. This writer and educator, who lives in the United States, has excelled in poetry, fiction and essays and has been distinguished on several occasions for his literary talent.

The ceremony culminated with the words of writer Roque Diómedes Santos, who expressed his gratitude and that of the other award-winning authors, reaffirming the importance of celebrating and promoting the country’s rich literary tradition.


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