DR beach among the 50 best in the world

Dominican Republic beach among the 50 best in the world

When talking about the best and most beautiful beaches, the Dominican Republic cannot be left out. A selection published by “World of Statistic” places Cayo Arena, located in Montecristi, in the northwest of the Dominican Republic, as the fifth best beach in Latin America and the seventh in the Caribbean.

In the world, Quisqueya holds the 27th position out of an inventory of 50 countries, surpassing 23 beaches in the world.

Surrounded by colorful corals, white sand and turquoise waters, in Latin America and the Caribbean, Cayo Arena is located in the ranking made by “Banana Bout” below Trunk of the Virgin Islands, Grace of Turks and Caicos, as well as Balandra of Mexico.

Likewise, the Dominican Republic is surpassed by: Gardner from Ecuador, Sancho from Brazil, Seven Mile from Cayman Islands, Meads from Anguilla and Flamenco from Puerto Rico.

However, it ranks “better” than Mexico’s Escondida and Xpu-Ha beaches (33rd and 35th); Grenada’s Grand’Anse (34th); Martinique’s Salinas (41st); Cuba’s Varadero (48th); and Bahamas’ Pink Sand (50th).

Also, in the “top 50” is above Canada, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Scotland, Turkey, India, among others.

Quality of beaches, main reason to travel to the Dominican Republic
The quality of the more than 200 beaches of the Dominican Republic was the main reason why tourists visited the country. The “Survey of opinion, attitude and motivation of non-resident foreigners”, by the Central Bank (CB), states that 3,518,620 tourists visited Quisqueya for the quality of its beaches in 2022. This translates to 44.3% of the total of 7,942,710 tourists who arrived by air.

However, 2,420,523 tourists, or 43.3% of 5,590,124 traveled to the territory in 2021, 1% less than in 2022. However, the quality of the beaches motivated them to buy a flight to the Dominican Republic.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the travel and tourism sector was affected, registering the lowest number of tourists (2,707,423) compared to the previous two years and the following two years. However, the quality of the beaches was the main reason why people from other states decided to enjoy a vacation in the country located in the same path of the sun. 1,188,558 tourists, or 43.9% came for that.

Between 2018 and 2019, 35% and 38.2% of visitors were motivated to travel by the quality of Dominican beaches. The first year, 2,527,116 tourists were reported out of a total of 7,220,334. The following year, 2,722,459 people arrived in the country for tourism. The total figure stands at 7,126,857.

Between 2022 and 2019 are the years with the most tourists arriving to Quisqueya because of the quality of the beaches, although in the last five years this has been the main motivation of visitors.

Source: reddenoticias.ohline

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