DR and Central America, among the top destinations for Spanish tourists

Spaniards like to visit the multi-destination of Central America and the Dominican Republic; this is reflected in the statistics of the Secretariat for Central American Tourism Integration (SITCA), which indicates that Spain is the European country that provides more visitors to the region, ranking as the seventh largest market worldwide, with 2.7% of the overall number of tourists arriving in the heart of the American continent.

It is followed in Europe by Germany and France, both with 2.1%; the United Kingdom, with 2%; Italy, with 1%; and the Netherlands, with 0.7%.

The countries of the region received a total of 21.2 million visitors in 2022. The data for 2022, in contrast to the previous year, represent a growth of 214% in tourists and more than 69% in excursionists, influencing the increase of 89.3% in total visitors (SITCA data).

Looking ahead to 2023, official statistics for each country show that they have not only returned to pre-pandemic figures, but have already surpassed them, reflecting the good health of the tourism industry and the interest in the region worldwide.

One of the attractions for Spaniards and visitors from all over the world is the cultural, archeological, natural and intangible legacy of Central America and the Dominican Republic, which has allowed 20 sites to be declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

For this reason, according to ExpresoInfo, the Colonial City of Santo Domingo is preferred in the country.

It is recalled that the Dominican Republic has surpassed 7 million visitors between January and August 2023, 25% more than in 2022 and 31% more than the pre-pandemic data for 2019.

Source: Arecoa

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