Forum will promote orange tourism practices

The third edition of the Orange Caribbean Forum (FCN), organized by Switch Havas and SIP Group, was announced with the objective of presenting actors and leaders of the tourism ecosystem, promoters of innovative practices in the creative economy, which will be held under the theme “Orange economy energizing sustainable tourism”.

During this meeting, which will take place on October 4, four panels will be held with the participation of renowned personalities.

“The orange economy boosts sustainable tourism by promoting cultural and creative experiences that value and preserve the cultural and natural heritage of a region. This is the origin of the concept of Orange Tourism to define a sustainable tourism that generates cultural, economic and social development based on the responsible tourism management of cultural heritage, artistic production and cultural and creative industries,” said José Grateraux, CEO of Switch | Havas.

Orange tourism is an articulator and enhancer of the orange economy, contributing to generate opportunities for the local community based on its identity and through the configuration of orange destinations, territories or tourist clusters with cultural identity.


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