Pedernales captures Palladium’s attention: “We want to do something there”

Abel Matutes Prats, executive president of Palladium Hotel Group, after expressing the intentions of the hotel chain in the improvement projects in its lodging establishments in the country, indicated that more than that, they are interested in investing, later on, in Pedernales.

The executive expressed to that in the DR, in addition to its traditional tourist destinations, which already have their attractiveness, it is important to reinvent itself and invest in emerging tourist destinations.

“We are interested in Pedernales and the possibility of being able to do something there. Miches… we already have a lot in the East, we are in Cap Cana, in Punta Cana and right now it doesn’t call our attention so much, but Pedernales does,” he emphasized.

Matutes Prats said that with Palladium’s intentions of growth in the country, it is expected to go hand in hand with the development of destinations and the arrival of more tourists in the coming years, due to the good positioning of the DR in the face of competing countries that live off tourism and where the hotel company has a presence.

In this sense, he reiterated his approach to competitiveness. “The Dominican Republic is a magnificent country, with many attractions for tourists and is having good years in terms of tourism, but we must try not to continue losing competitiveness”. (Abel Matutes: “The DR’s main challenge is not to lose competitiveness”).

The tourism development of Pedernales is one of the most ambitious projects of the sector and the country in terms of hotel plant growth, since the construction of 4,700 rooms is projected in the first phase, of the 12,000 that the development contemplates in a period of 10 years.

In addition, work has already begun on two of the first six of the 15 hotel chains that have expressed interest in being part of the developing tourist destination, which promises a unique offer due to its ecotourism richness, the beauty of its virgin beaches and its great attraction for adventure tourism.


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