Punta Cana, DR: 3 nearby places you should visit

Near Punta Cana there are incredible places, full of history, culture and nature that will undoubtedly become your favorite options to visit.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, has an extensive offer of beaches, gastronomy, unique tourist attractions, among other characteristics that make it one of the favorite options for tourists.

However, very close to this destination, it is possible to visit some places full of history, culture and nature that you will not want to miss. Here are three incredible tourist attractions near Punta.

1. Altos de Chavón

It has become one of the most visited tourist attractions by national and international tourists, where you can have the best view over the homonymous river and the Caribbean Sea.

It is basically a cultural center, where you can find different artistic workshops, art galleries, design schools, archaeological museum, amphitheater, and many more unique spaces that will surprise you.

2. Boca de Yuma

This small town in Altagracia has only 2,400 inhabitants, however, it is perfect for a day of tranquility, as it is not well known by tourists.

There you can enjoy relaxing activities such as a boat ride and learn more about the fishing culture of the people who live here.

3. Monkeyland

For animal lovers, especially monkeys, you will find this fun place in Anamuya, just an hour away from Punta Cana.

During your tour of this tourist attraction, you can interact with the squirrel monkeys and take the best souvenir photos. In addition, some plans include a visit to a typical Dominican house to learn more about the traditions and culture of this country.

Source: Argentina.viajando.travel


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