The Israeli embassy made the donation for the students’ practical learning

Punta Cana – Green hope in Punta Cana! The Ann & Ted Kheel Polytechnic of the Puntacana Group Foundation welcomed an exciting upgrade to its facilities: a beautiful urban garden, which was a generous gift from the Embassy of Israel in collaboration with Save the Children. This initiative is part of a project aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture and hands-on learning for student communities.

The urban garden, implemented by Mashav, Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, employs Israeli drip irrigation technology, allowing students to cultivate and harvest the land in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. In addition to providing access to more than 10 varieties of fresh, chemical-free vegetables, the project also offers an educational program to guide young people on their path to understanding and appreciating nature.

Israel’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Daniel Biran, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, as it not only benefits the students with healthy food, but also contributes to their overall education. Paul Beswick, director of the Puntacana Group Foundation, highlighted how the school garden enriches the academic life of the students by promoting cooperation and knowledge about sustainable food production.

For Avia Levi, Deputy Chief of Mission and Consul of the Embassy, the project is exceptional because it combines four fundamental pillars: advanced technology, education, environmental awareness and the use of the natural resources offered by the Dominican Republic.

The Puntacana Group Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the well-being of the local community and preserving the region’s valuable ecosystem. Their efforts have been recognized nationally and internationally, and this new urban garden is another example of their commitment to sustainable development.

The Ann & Ted Kheel Polytechnic, built and equipped by the Puntacana Group Foundation, is a unique educational institution in the Punta Cana area, aimed at low-income youth. The school has provided opportunities for 300 students, who will need basic secondary education and technical training in a variety of areas, from computers to cooking and tourism. Over the years, the polytechnic has graduated 1,329 technical high school graduates, making it an important seedbed of human talent for local businesses, especially in the tourism sector.

This exciting urban garden project will not only provide nutritional benefits to the students, but will also plant a seed of environmental awareness and responsibility that will last throughout their lives. With technology, education and respect for the environment as its cornerstones, this joint project between Israel and the Dominican Republic will set a precedent in the fight for a more sustainable and prosperous future.


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