Abinader delivers 3,100 titles

President Luis Abinader delivered this Thursday 3,100 property titles for the Tamarindo I project, Santo Domingo East, which will have a direct impact on the lives of more than 17,000 people.

With this act of delivery of property titles, the sectors of Villa Tropicalia, Corambar, Casita de los Padres, Margara and El Perla of this municipality will benefit.

The president stressed that the titling project is to improve the quality of life, but above all to bring justice to each of the Dominican families.

“In these acts of delivery of titles, I always like to be. Because I have a lot of satisfaction of the duty fulfilled. Besides the fact that we are making real progress. Progress to improve the quality, progress to bring peace to the family, progress so that they can have a property that they can take it to the formal bank. They can build a second floor for their children or they can build a small business downstairs, and that is why I am so satisfied”, said the President.

The president emphasized that today 3,100 property titles of some 4,500 have been delivered. He added that the project to deliver in the coming months El Tamarindo will reach almost 9,000 titles.

President Abinader added that the delivery of the property titles is another sign that they are committed to the project.

The head of state urged Father Juan José Silva Peralta of the San Luis Rey de Francia Parish to serve as a mediator along with the presidents of the Neighborhood Councils in the families who still cannot agree on who will hold the title.

Duarte Méndez, executive director of the Technical Executing Unit of State Land Titling, informed that, in order to materialize this dream, the Technical Executing Unit, together with Bienes Nacionales, worked a geographic area of 808,342.98 square meters.

“It is good for you to know that the government has saved you a total of DR 340,080,000.00 and if you had decided to do the work privately, you would have had to pay at least DR 80,000.00 for each house or lot that you occupy and today you will receive them for free from the hands of our President Luis Abinader,” added Méndez.

The president symbolically delivered the property titles to Deyanira Peralta, Jefferson Cuello, Cirilo Montero, Freddy Soriano, Nieve Luisa Sánchez, Juanito Santil, Natanael Mercedes, Eliodoro Polanco Martínez and Manuel Matos Medina.

Present at the activities were the Ministers of the Presidency, Joel Santos; Acting Administrative Minister of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez; the Senator for the Province of Santo Domingo, Antonio Taveras; Governor Julia Drullard; the Mayor of Santo Domingo East, Manuel Jiménez; the directors of the Dominican Agrarian Institute, Francisco Guillermo García; of National Assets and the CEA, Rafael Burgos; and of the National Cadastre, Héctor Mirambeaux.

Also, Dio Astacio; the deputies, Pedro Julio Alcántara, Adalgisa Abreu and Juan José Rojas; the Superintendent of Insurance, Josefa Castillo; the rector of the Instituto Técnico Superior Comunitario (ITSC), Pedro Antonio Quezada; the director of Beautification, Marcos de León and the director of Inposdom, Erick Guzmán.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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