Abinader delivers more than 1,000 property deeds

President Luis Abinader delivered this Friday more than 1,000 property titles in San Pedro de Marcorís, positively impacting more than 4,000 people, guaranteeing them the right to have a decent home.

With these 1,000 titles delivered this Friday, the total number of titles delivered is 9,000, and with another 8,000 to be delivered soon, it will reach 17,000 titles.

In this way, the President said that San Pedro de Macoris will be the province where more titles will have been delivered.

The titles delivered today are distributed in the communities of: Villa Maranata, Restauración, Villa Paredes, Barrio Independencia, Villa Progreso and Villa Velásquez, impacting more than 4,000 people.

Prior to this delivery, another 8,000 titles were delivered in Consuelo, totaling 9,000.

Speaking during the ceremony, the head of state said that “this will be the province with the highest number of titles, and with that we are happy, because we know what it means”.

The President emphasized that the delivery of these titles is true social justice. He also added that by obtaining their titles, they will be able to access loans in formal banking institutions, ensuring support for small, medium or large projects.

“With this property title you will be able to go to a formal banking institution and get a loan, also with this title you know that you have a small, medium or large patrimony to leave to your family”, he said.

The governor assured that, since the beginning of his administration, they have been working tirelessly to overcome bureaucracy and make this delivery a reality.

“Congratulations to everyone, when you walk out of that door, you will leave a different person, with security, with confidence, with hope, but above all with peace of mind,” he said.

Firm conviction to improve the quality of life of Dominicans

Duarte Méndez Peña, executive director of the Technical Executing Unit of State Land Titling, highlighted the firm conviction of the government headed by President Luis Abinader to improve the quality of life of all Dominicans.

Méndez Peña informed that the works carried out together with the State Sugar Council (CEA) covered a geographical area of 110,039.50 square meters.

He also stated that the titling meant a saving of DR 80 million to the beneficiaries, since, had the work been done independently, they would have paid a minimum of 80,000 pesos each.

On the other hand, the official highlighted President Abinader’s dedication to San Pedro de Macorís, a province that has benefited through titling projects.

Méndez Peña mentioned notable achievements, such as the delivery of 8,627 title certificates in the municipality of Consuelo. In addition, he detailed the ongoing projects in the municipalities Quisqueya I and II (6,566 resulting certificates), Ramón Santana (800 resulting certificates) and the Villa Progreso I sector (968 resulting certificates).

These joint efforts add up to a total of 8,334 certificates of title, scheduled to be delivered in the coming months.

By consolidating these projects, the Government intends to deliver an impressive total of 17,961 title certificates, consolidating San Pedro de Macoris as one of the provinces most benefited by this transformative plan.

“President, by adding up all these projects, we would be delivering a total of 17,961 title certificates, making San Pedro de Macorís one of the provinces that has been one of the most benefited by this plan and that has been truly transformed by change,” said Duarte Méndez.

Simultaneous inauguration of a high school and a school in the Quisqueya municipality.

Later, the President, adding 33 new classrooms to the public education sector, simultaneously inaugurated the Eugenio María de Hostos II High School and the Esperanza Basic School, which will benefit thousands of children and young people.

With these two deliveries, the President guarantees greater learning opportunities and educational quality in the Dominican Republic.

The total investment for the construction was DR 128,696,229.64 for the Liceo Eugenio María de Hostos 2 and DR 38,168,235.55 for the Escuela Básica Esperanza.

The Vice Minister of Planning, Rolando Reyes, said that now there is a better efficiency in the spending of 4% of the GDP, which gives greater efficiency and impact of the productive chain of the educational service.

“Today, with the inauguration of this school center we give 840 new students, which add to the recovery of the school population, we have better equipped classrooms, better prepared teachers and better managed educational centers,” he said.

The director of the center, Lilian Romero, thanked the President for this new high school, which will improve the educational quality of the students in the area.

Keilol Arias spoke on behalf of the students, who expressed that a new chapter begins today, highlighting that an innovative, enriching and full of possibilities stage of education is beginning.

Heads delivery of Cumayasa Photovoltaic Solar Park I and II

Earlier, in La Romana, the President, together with the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, led the inauguration of the Cumayasa I and II Photovoltaic Solar Park projects of the Ecoener Company, with a combined installed power of 97 megawatts, which will have an annual impact on 48,000 Dominican homes.

During the ceremony, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, highlighted that the interest of private investors in developing renewable energy projects has been stimulated by the transparency and legal security that the country has.

Minister Almonte recalled that upon arrival in government he found 457 megawatts of energy, produced since the approval of the Renewable Incentives Law 57-07, in 2007, until 2020, in the country.

“In these three years of government, the Ministry and the new policies led by President Abinader we have managed to double, with these 97 additional megawatts, what we found, and today the Dominican Republic has gradually reduced its dependence on fossil fuels,” he added.

He thanked the Spanish businessman, Luis Valdivia, for his confidence in investing in the Dominican Republic with his company.

The welcoming remarks were made by Luis Valdivia, who indicated that the inaugurated parks “highlight Ecoener’s commitment to the Dominican Republic and are the first step of the important solar energy projects that the company is promoting, thanks to the country’s investment attractiveness”.

He added that, in addition to contributing to the decarbonization of the country, photovoltaic solar energy favors the reduction of the price of energy, which provides a benefit to Dominican society.

Valdivia predicted that they provide to close the year 2024 with a total of five photovoltaic parks in operation in the Dominican Republic, with an installed capacity of 279 MW.

Present were the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos; the directors of National Assets, Rafael Burgos; of the Dominican Agrarian Institute, Francisco García; of the National Cadastre, Héctor Mirambeaux; the Eastern regional sub-director of the State’s Technical Executing Unit for Land Titling, Rubén Céspedes and the president of Indotel, Nelson Arroyo.

Also, the governor of San Pedro de Macorís, Aracelis Villanueva; the mayor of San Pedro de Macorís, Raymundo Ortiz, and the deputies, Carlixta Carolina Paula, Luis Gómez and Rafaela Alburquerque.

While in La Romana, the governor, Jacqueline Fernández; Eduard Veras, from the National Energy Commission; Andrés Astacio, from the Superintendence of Electricity; the director general of the National Police, Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta; the Spanish ambassador in the country, Antonio Pérez Hernández; the mayor, Victoriano Gómez, as well as businessmen of the sector and officials were present.

Source: presidencia.gov.do


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