Abinader heads graduation of Air Force cadets in the DR

President Luis Abinader led this Wednesday the graduation of 25 Air Force cadets of the DR Air Force, in the XXII Promotion “Major General Pilot Fernando Evangelista Cruz Méndez” of the Air Academy “Brigadier General Pilot Frank A. Féliz Miranda” FARD.

Upon his arrival, as supreme authority of the Armed Forces and the National Police, he received the military honors of style with 21 salvos and the singing of the national anthem.

The reading of the order of the day was in charge of Cadet Gabriel Ventura, FARD. Subsequently, after the exchange of flags, the graduating class proceeded to the entrance of the graduates of the graduating class.

The governor took the oath of honor to the new graduates and presented the command sabers to the officers.

The graduation of the 25 cadets in Aeronautical Sciences, 21 men and 4 women, including one foreigner from the sister nation of Panama, began with the rendering of military honors to the Head of State, followed by the request for permission by pilot Colonel Victor Quintino Santana Ramirez, FARD, director of the Air Academy “Brigadier General Pilot Frank A. Féliz Miranda”.

Santana Ramirez said that the graduates in a period of four years obtained degrees that accredit them as graduates in Aeronautical Sciences, consolidating their commitment to the defense and security of the nation.

He also said that the Air Force trained the cadets in different specialties, such as aviator pilots, general aircraft maintenance technicians, parachutists and aviator pilots.

The director of the Air Academy “Brigadier General Pilot Frank A. Féliz Miranda”, thanked President Abinader for his presence at the solemn ceremony.


During the ceremony, recognition was given to Carlos Abraham de la Cruz González, distinguished graduate, who was presented with a plaque by the commander of the FARD, Major General Aviation Technician, Carlos Ramón Febrillet Rodríguez. Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, presented his recognition as honor graduate to Alomar Ng De La Cruz Reina, 4th year cadet, FARD.

The Vice Minister of Defense for Air and Space Affairs, Major General Leonel Amilcar Muñoz Noboa presented the plaques of honor to the 4th year cadets, beginning with the recognition in Application to Carlos Abraham de la Cruz; for Good Conduct, to cadet Daniel Mordan Mercedes; for Concept of Duty, to cadet Alejandra L. Gonzalez Jimenez and to cadet Carlexis de Aza Sanchez, for the Military Spirit.

The ceremony was blessed by the military chaplain, Monsignor Santiago Rodríguez Rodríguez, FARD, bishop of the Diocese of San Pedro de Macorís.

President Abinader hands over sabers

President Abinader presented the wings corresponding to their specialty to the graduating officers. Then, the mothers placed the graduation rings on the cadets.

Afterwards, the head of state presented the command sabers to each of the graduating officers.

The head of state received, on behalf of the officers of the Air Force of the DR, an act of manual of arms, performed in their honor.

At the end, President Abinader signed the book of distinguished visitors of the FARD.

President Abinader heads the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the aeronautical facilities of the San Isidro Air Base.

Later, President Abinader led the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the aeronautical facilities at the San Isidro Air Base, main headquarters of the DR Air Force.

The work includes a modern control tower, as well as the extension of the runway. These works are part of the commitment of President Abinader’s government to the modernization of the DR Air Force.

The event was attended by the former President of the Republic, Hipólito Mejía; the Deputy Minister of Defense for Military Affairs, Major General Julio Ernesto Florián Pérez, and the Deputy Minister of Naval and Coastal Affairs, Vice Admiral Ramón Gustavo Betances Hernández; also, the Director General of the National Police, Major General Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta; the Commander General of the Navy of the DR, Vice Admiral Agustín Alberto Morillo Rodríguez, and the Commander General of the Army of the DR, Major General Carlos Antonio Fernández Onofre.

Likewise, the inspector general of the Armed Forces, Major General ERD, Miguel A. Rubio Báez; the rector of the National University for Defense, “General Juan Pablo Duarte y Díez” (Unade), Brigadier General ERD Francisco Antonio Ovalle Pichardo, and the president of the Association of Wives of Officers of the FARD (Aeofard), Mencía Ortiz de Febrillet.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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