Minister of Health calls to avoid excesses to receive 2024

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera, recommended avoiding excesses, especially in the consumption of non-nutritious foods and alcoholic beverages to prevent any type of illness, prevent traffic accidents and thus receive 2024 in good health conditions.

He expressed that the Ministry of Public Health as the governing body of Health, for this new year 2024, has the challenge of continuing to promote, act and educate the population on the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles to protect the cardiovascular system, as well as to prevent diabetes and hypertension, since they are the main causes of deaths in the country.

In another order, he reiterated that due to the atmospheric conditions in which the country finds itself, respiratory viruses such as influenza, syncytial, COVID-19 and other flu-like illnesses may increase, while assuring that the epidemiological surveillance remains active with the Prevention, Preparedness and Rapid Response Plan, which includes adequate vector control, along with the availability of medical supplies and equipment, to ensure the health of the population.

He also called on asthmatic people, atopic patients and those on diets not to neglect the Christmas season and to continue with the pertinent preventive measures; which implies avoiding very closed or poorly ventilated places and the use of masks by those who are suffering from a respiratory process in order to protect others and prevent complications.

“It is necessary that people accept the call we are making for the good and tranquility of all. In view of the fact that we are in a very busy Christmas season, it is advisable that we avoid excesses in every sense of the word, in order to prevent organic injuries due to automobile accidents or uncontrolled hypertension or diabetes,” added Dr. Rivera.

The statements were made on Wednesday during the launch of 18 normative and technical health documents for the National Health System and the Dominican population in general, with the aim of guaranteeing good practices in health sector care, together with quality assurance, standardization of care and the humanization of health services.

The also president of the Health Cabinet assured that “these documents are rules and protocols to be followed by medical personnel in the public and private sector to avoid abuse in diagnoses and to do the right thing in each process in the medical area”.

In that order, the Vice-Minister José Antonio Matos, of Quality Assurance of Health Services, in his welcoming remarks at the event, said that this is the second delivery of this type of material, with the aim of addressing any health situation that may arise in the country.

“We are working ahead of events, to respond in a safe and ethical manner, under standardized regulations in the National Health System. With these 18 guides, plus the 25 that we delivered on the first occasion, we now have almost a hundred materials that will guarantee good practices in the services in both sectors, because there is no distinction between sectors when it comes to complying with health regulations,” said Dr. Matos.

Among the documents are: six Health Care Protocols that address various pathologies, the update of the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Diagnosis and Treatment Guide, three manuals focused on tuberculosis care, a GABSA Manual, a report, survey, guidelines, directives, plans (physical activity and the strategic plan for childhood cancer) and the Child Health Profile, among others.

The event was also attended by Dr. Altagracia Milagros Peña, director of Standards, Guidelines and Protocols, who presented the guidelines, and Ibsen Veloz Suárez, in charge of Health Regulation, together with members of the specialized medical societies and different actors involved in the production of the normative and technical health documents.

Also present were the deputy ministers, Eladio Pérez, of Collective Health, and Miguel Rodríguez Viñas, of Strengthening and Development, among other officials of the MSP; Dr. Edisson Féliz Féliz, director of the Metropolitan Health Service, Olivia Brathwaite, of PAHO, and specialists in the area.



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