SeNaSa announces expansion of basic plan benefits

The director of the National Health Insurance (SeNaSa), Dr. Santiago Hazim, announced that they have begun the process of expanding the benefits of the basic plan of the Family Health Insurance for the members of the country’s firefighter corps.

“This action will be carried out gradually, until there is no firefighter left who does not have the best insurance that a Dominican can have. In this first stage, more than 500 people will benefit, who were previously validated by the Ministry of Interior and Police, with which these men and women who risk their lives to protect our people in the event of any sudden event will have access to more than 10,000 health service providers,” the official explained.

He pointed out that with this action he continues to comply with the mandate of President Luis Abinader and Vice President Raquel Peña, that no Dominican will be left without social protection.

He specified that as of January 1, 2024, firefighters will benefit with reimbursement in non-contracted health care providers, ambulatory services at 90%, room increase up to DR 7,000.00 per day, hospital services at 100%, maternity coverage at 100% and high cost illnesses up to DR 2,500,000.00 per year per event.

Likewise, 100% rehabilitation coverage, 100% hemotherapy, additional dental coverage to the basic health plan, medicines in contracted pharmacies up to DR 22,000.00 per year and up to 635 additional coverage to the basic health plan.

Jesús Vásquez Martínez, Minister of Interior and Police, in the framework of the ceremony held at the headquarters, said that these actions are part of the transformations and social dignifications, “as an act of justice, it is up to us to recognize the work done by the firefighters at the national level and at the end of this year 2023 to give the first kick so that starting 2024 will be the year of our firefighters, our heroes of always”.

He pointed out that the State has a moral commitment with these men and women who risk their lives to save anyone.

General Luis Esmurdoc, General Intendant of the San Francisco de Macoris Fire Department, in his speech, first thanked the authorities present and added: “I congratulate you because you have done as Jesus did, preach by example, you have given to a selection of our comrades the definitive health cards, thank you, thank you. We know that the President, the ministers and other officials have good intentions, but if we all join forces and support them in what they ask of us, I believe that the solution to the problems will be easier, because the burden is shared among many and there is less effort to be made”.

In closing, Joel Santos, Administrative Minister of the Presidency, said “justice is being done for an institution that has given everything in exchange for very little and the truth is that it is a recognition of an institution that has been preparing itself, strengthening itself with its own means”.

Also present at the activity were Darío Castillo Lugo, Minister of Public Administration; Angela Jáquez, Vice-Minister of Preventive Security for Provincial Governments; Bienvenido Ortiz, Secretary of the Santo Domingo East City Council; Santos Méndez, Intendant of the Fire Department and José Luis Frometa, representatives of the National Union of Firefighters.


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