ASCA selected as a member of ICAO’s Trainair Plus Executive Committee

The general director of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), Hector Porcella, congratulated the staff of the Higher Academy of Aeronautical Sciences (ASCA) for its selection as the only Spanish-speaking specialized training center to be a member of the Executive Committee of the Trainair Plus Program (TPSC) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

In a message addressed to director Clara Fernandez and other ASCA collaborators, Porcella affirmed that the Academy’s selection represents a worldwide recognition of the Dominican Republic in the field of aeronautical training.

“Being part of this body, made up of only 18 States and headed by the Netherlands, is a distinction held by world-class training centers that for their excellence in specialized technical training in aviation have achieved outstanding leadership in their region, showing high quality in their training, attached to the regulations of aviation instruction,” said the director of the IDAC in his message.

Upon receiving the congratulations on behalf of the teaching, administrative and support team of the ASCA, Clara Fernandez thanked the encouragement and support that the academy has received from the current management of the IDAC, to respond effectively to the challenge posed by the remarkable growth of the aeronautical activity of the country and achieve the levels of efficiency recognized by the main bodies of international civil aviation.

He stressed that the steering committee (TPSC) is elected for three-year terms and its main function is to provide guidance and advice to ICAO for the improvement of the Trainair Plus program and international aeronautical training, with the aim of raising the quality of training and support Member States in building capacity in terms of competent human resources and sufficient to sustain the development of aviation.

In addition to the Dominican Republic, members of this committee include the Netherlands, Morocco, Republic of Korea, Brazil, Canada, China, Ethiopia, France, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and the United States.


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