450 young people are certified in various areas

A group of 450 young people, belonging to various communities of the Cibao, graduated from different training activities provided by the Community Technology Centers (CTC), in order to continue contributing to reduce the digital gap and to deliver young people to the labor market.

During the activity, which was attended by the general director of the Community Technology Centers, Isidro Torres, and the governor of Santiago, Rosa Santos, the former highlighted the effort made by the young people to achieve their goal, as well as that of the managers and coordinators of the courses given.

The director of the CTCs said that this activity is part of the curriculum linked to the actions sustained in their Annual Operating Program (POA), with which they have to operate, and that it is similar to what they did at the University of Barahona where about 700 young people received their certificates. Also at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) in Higüey, with all the young people who received their certificates and who correspond to the CTCs of the Eastern region.

He announced that after this great event, they will have another one in the metropolitan region corresponding to Santo Domingo, and some nearby provinces. With this one, they will close the projection of the works they had conceived.

“Today you receive the corresponding certifications in different formative actions that you have received in your respective centers”, said the official to the graduates.

Torres called on the graduates to see these certificates “not as that they finished and graduated, but as a preamble to that process that you have ahead of you, of your lives, inclinations, so that you continue to cross other levels, both in the CTC and ITLA, as those aspiring professionals in technology.”

He recalled that President Luis Abinader continually insists that young people can never set obstacles that they are not capable of jumping over and that with the nobility that characterizes them they can transcend and have a profession that will be fundamental in their lives.

Through its “CTC in your Community” program, young people are given tools that provide them with the possibility of developing and strengthening fundamental skills for successful performance in today’s job market.

Among the training actions they received are: Basic and Advanced Excel, Office Applications, Get Connect; Free Sales, ICT teaching tools, among others.

The graduation of the 450 young people represents an encouragement for Torres, who said he was happy to know that they will prosper, since the CTCs are called to work in the reduction of the digital gap in those vulnerable communities and even in the urban areas of the municipalities.

Torres informed that so far the CTCs have delivered to society 249,000 young people, who have received the benefit of the certifications, which in his opinion represents an important milestone for the development of the country.

He also announced that as a way of enriching the curriculum they are teaching, on the instructions of President Abinader, they are making coexistence agreements with similar institutions such as Infotep and the Instituto Tecnológico de Las Américas (ITLA), which is why they are already teaching English by immersion as a vital tool in some centers.

At the graduation event, a message was sent to the graduates by the President of the Republic, who assured them that “you are going to have a stronger Dominican Republic, and do not set limits to your dreams and objectives; I do not want any young talent to be lost in the Dominican Republic”.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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