Checks delivered to greenhouse producers affected by the rains

The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, delivered here DR 57 million to 70 small greenhouse producers who were affected by the tropical disturbance of last November 18.

“In this province alone we are going to deliver DR 187 million out of a total of DR 208 million destined to the controlled environment production sector that were affected. Likewise, in the next few days we will pay another 30 producers, DR 35 million more”, indicated the minister.

The official action was ordered the day after the rains by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader.

The Ministry of Agriculture will also rebuild and rehabilitate inter-parcel roads in this zone to guarantee that the products from the greenhouses can leave on time and two certifiers will be installed to guarantee the products for export.

Danilo Gómez, president of the Greenhouse Producers Cooperative thanked the authorities for the prompt response to their needs.

The minister was accompanied by the provincial governor, Josefa Oliva Castillo; the vice-minister of production, Eulalio Ramírez, and the regional director of Agriculture, Rafael Soto, together with other authorities of this demarcation and of the agricultural sector.


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