Government to relaunch School Health Program

With the aim of continuing to bring health closer to the population and to promote healthier lifestyles for children, adolescents and young people, the Dominican government will incorporate medical attention in schools, as one of the novelties to be added to the School Health Program, according to the Vice-President of the DR, Raquel Peña, on Friday.

The vice-president made the announcement at the conclusion of a meeting with the Minister of Education, Ángel Hernández, the vice-minister of Collective Health, Eladio Pérez, and a delegation of the Dominican Medical Association (CMD), headed by its president, Waldo Ariel Suero.

Raquel Peña explained that health services will be provided in each school, especially of a preventive nature, and the culture of healthy school environments, nutritional improvement and physical education of the students will be strengthened.

The CMD president welcomed the decision and indicated that the new proposal had already been contemplated by President Luis Abinader, before the guild approached him for such purposes and “comes to fill a gap and a concern of doctors about emergency situations that arise in different schools nationwide and where a brilliant time is lost between the event that compromises the health of that boy or girl, to take him or her to a clinic or a primary care center”.

The Minister of Education emphasized that as the program, launched by the Government in May 2023, is strengthened, the Dominican population will have better health results and a life of greater well-being.

For his part, the Vice-Minister of Collective Health said that, with the initiative, students will become the gateway to Dominican homes to improve health indicators.

Also present at the meeting, which took place at the National Palace, were the director of the Ministerial Cabinet of the Minerd, Siullin Joa and the person in charge of School Health, Juan Carlos De Jesús.

Also participating on behalf of the CMD were doctors Luis Alberto Peña Núñez, José Ricardo Zuluaga Alam, José Antonio Santana, Máximo Martínez Báez, Luis Alba, Lucelania Leonardo De la Cruz, Miosotte Lazala Monegro and Edwin Puente Guerrero.



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