Interior and Police inaugurates regional office in La Romana

The Ministry of Interior and Police (MIP) inaugurated the regional office in this demarcation, in order to facilitate the citizens of the eastern region of the country the access to the services offered by the entity that it directs.

Delivering the central words during the opening ceremony, Minister Jesús Vásquez Martínez expressed that the opening of this new extension seeks to decentralize the services offered by Interior and Police, and at the same time, to provide greater facilities to the users.

“What we are doing is breaking a scheme. We hope to fulfill the vision of the President (Luis Abinader) that the State institutions be closer to the people,” said Vasquez.

The official said that since he arrived at the Ministry of Interior and Police he concentrated on listening to the people, and in that process he observed that one of the most priority needs was the habilitation of a physical space for people to renew licenses for the carrying and possession of firearms.

“It is not possible that with the advance of technology a citizen of La Romana or Higüey has to travel to Santo Domingo (to receive these services),” exclaimed Vásquez Martínez.

Announcement of opening of regional office in Azua and the U.S.A.

The Minister of Interior and Police announced that the institution will soon open a regional office in Azua and later on, one in New York and in other cities of the United States. He also informed that a ballistic laboratory will be installed in La Romana.

Armando Céspedes, president of the Association of Merchants of La Romana, said that the recently inaugurated regional office has always been a desire of the municipalities and affirmed that now there is no excuse for not getting up to date with the requirements to obtain the licenses for the carrying and possession of weapons and in this way, act responsibly, respecting what is established by the legal provisions.

During the ceremony, the provincial governor of La Romana, Jacqueline Fernández Brito, valued the great interest shown by Minister Vásquez Martínez in attending to the needs of this demarcation.

She reminded those present that last year, thanks to the support of the MIP, the building of the Provincial Government was remodeled and the innovative program “De Vuelta al Barrio” was installed, which seeks to keep young people away from delinquency and vices.

Reduction in muggings and robberies

Likewise, the public prosecutor of La Romana, Reina Yaniris Rodríguez Cedeño, highlighted that, with the joint action of the Ministry of Interior and Police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police, some 200 firearms were confiscated in this municipality during the year 2023, with which, she assured, a reduction in the number of robberies and thefts has been achieved.

Rodríguez affirmed that the past Christmas and New Year holidays were the most peaceful of the last years and that the communities have been witnesses of the citizen security achieved thanks to the work of the authorities.

On the subject, the Vice Minister of Arms and Ammunition Control and Regulation, Anibal Amparo Garcia, urged society to join the efforts being made to remove illegal weapons from the streets.

Also present at the inauguration of the eastern regional office of the Ministry of Interior and Police were the vice minister of Citizen Coexistence, Fernando Nolberto Gómez; the eastern regional director of the National Police, General Juan Pablo Ferreira Veras; the director of Arms Regulation, Sterling Pérez, among others.


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