Construction of the Los Alcarrizos subway line

The adjacent marginal road that is part of the Santo Domingo Metro Line 2C extension project, from kilometer 9 of the Duarte Highway to Los Alcarrizos, and which is being built under its viaduct, will have a positive impact on the daily life of the residents of the surrounding sectors, since it will facilitate the flow of some 22,850 vehicles that travel along this road on weekdays, according to the Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (Opret).

In this sense, the work, whose purpose is to transform this segment of the Duarte highway into an expressway, will facilitate the transit for those who travel from the provinces of Cibao to the capital and will impact the residents of the sectors of Los Alcarrizos, Pantoja, Enriquillo, Don Honorio, Pueblo Chico, Independencia, Villa Naco, Los Peralejos, Los Ríos and Los Girasoles, who frequently use this route to travel to different parts of Santo Domingo. This improvement will significantly improve their quality of life.

Opret detailed that the 5 new Metro stations under construction will be connected to the marginal road, which will have three lanes. In addition, parking spaces will be available between the columns that support the viaduct along its route.

“The new construction of the marginal will provide organized access points, transforming the Duarte Highway (from Los Alcarrizos to kilometer 9) into a fluid and safe expressway. This will not only significantly reduce traffic jams that can last up to an hour and a half, but will also beautify and modernize the main entrance to the capital of the Dominican Republic from the Cibao,” reported the institution.

In general terms, it is estimated that the Duarte highway currently has a maximum flow capacity of 2,000 vehicles per hour, which generates intense traffic jams. Upon completion of this important work, which includes a separation wall between the express lane of the highway and the marginal road, this capacity will be tripled, so that up to 6,000 vehicles per hour will be able to travel.

Opret added that “the increase in vehicle capacity on this section of the highway will result in a significant reduction of the traffic jams that cause stress and waste of time for those who use the highway”.

Likewise, the marginal road will serve the feeder routes of the five new stations of the Santo Domingo Metro extension and will allow the entrance and exit to the Duarte highway to be made by means of additional acceleration and deceleration lanes.

The new road will be operational in the second quarter of 2024. This will consolidate the connection with the already operating Los Alcarrizos Cable Car. This execution responds to President Luis Abinader’s promise to improve mass transportation.

“This initiative will transform the lives of more than one million people who daily use various means of transportation for their daily activities,” said Rafael Santos Pérez, executive director of Opret.

About the Santo Domingo Metro extension

Line 2C of the Santo Domingo Metro is part of the Santo Domingo Metro-Teleferico integrated transportation system. It is a work under the responsibility of the Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (Opret), which will benefit a population of close to one million people.

The section that goes from kilometer 9 of the Duarte Highway to Los Alcarrizos has an extension of 7.3 kilometers and consists of five stations. This work will save up to two hours a day for those who travel from Los Alcarrizos to different points of the capital.

This extension will improve road mobility and will have an impact on the reduction of accidents on the Duarte highway.


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