District Attorney’s Office launches first general archive of the institution

The National District Prosecutor’s Office inaugurated the area that will house its general archive, which will optimize the service to citizens through quick access to documentation on judicial cases.

“After 77 years of its foundation, today we inaugurate the General Archive of the National District Prosecutor’s Office, in order to safeguard our history and all the procedural actions of this legal district,” said the chief prosecutor of this jurisdiction, Rosalba Ramos during a ceremony held in the new area.

Ramos emphasized that when she assumed the direction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National District, one of her goals was to update the organizational structure of the institution and that for this purpose, the Planning and Development Department made a survey which resulted in the need to guarantee the administrative efficiency and the right of the citizens to obtain information about their processes in an adequate time.

In this sense, the official explained that with this physical file, citizens can have access to information on their cases in a timely and prudent manner. “We are sure that this will mark a before and after in the history of the Prosecutor’s Office”.

He also added that, in these new facilities, located on Independencia Avenue, next to the Palace of Justice of Ciudad Nueva, all the cases of the jurisdiction of the National District are safeguarded, since these documents are the great witnesses of evidence, both of past events and for decision making in the present.

“The archives, both physical and digital, are vital for people, institutions and users of the criminal justice system and this new unit will be committed to safeguarding the collective memory of this institution,” said Ramos.

The chief prosecutor of the National District indicated, during her speech at the inauguration of the Francisco del Rosario Sánchez General Archive, that another facility that the entity’s memory will offer is to expedite the location of information for users, thus guaranteeing their fundamental, human, judicial and fiscal rights.

Tribute to Francisco del Rosario Sánchez

Rosalba Ramos said that when choosing the most suitable name to reflect the relevance of an archive in the institution, many options arose, but that the figure of the patrician and first prosecutor of the Dominican Republic, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, encompassed values such as honesty and commitment to the best causes and human rights.

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