Altice will use water in cartons to reduce plastic in its offices

The telecommunications company Altice, replaces the consumption of plastic water bottles in its corporate offices for the consumption of water packaged in cardboard packaging, seeking to significantly reduce the use of plastic, as part of its commitment to environmental care.

The initiative is part of “A is sustainability”, the umbrella under which Altice promotes all its environmental sustainability projects, including its integral management to contribute to a more sustainable and healthy planet.

The water cartons used by the telecommunications company are recyclable, free of synthetics such as Bisphenol A, aseptic packaging, and guarantee less emissions and carbon footprint, as well as a 75% reduction of plastic in its offices.

“Today we are very excited to take another step towards achieving sustainability of our natural resources. With the acquisition of cardboard water bottles, whose packaging has been designed to be recyclable, we are completely replacing the consumption of water in plastic bottles in our corporate offices and also integrating the use of this new format to all our activities and contributing them to allied institutions,” said Ana Figueiredo, CEO of Altice.

Altice explained that with this type of initiative it seeks to motivate and inspire from small individual actions such as the decision not to use products that are harmful to the environment, to providing its community of employees and partners with the precious resource of water packaged in cartons to collaborate and promote a culture of care for our natural resources.

“By setting this example, we invite the national business community to become a positive reference for society as a whole, while reaffirming that Altice is sustainable and is committed to the vision of being a telecommunications company that promotes environmental sustainability in its management,” said Figueiredo.

About the supplier of the new format, Agua en envase de Cartón:

The water used will be provided by Ly Company Caribe, a subsidiary of the Spanish multinational Ly Company Water Group, with presence in 16 countries, which since 2015 has been working to significantly minimize the climate impact of single-use packaging. This year, that company inaugurated a plant in the Dominican Republic to offer its products and services to the entire Caribbean and Latin American region.

“We are very pleased that Altice is supporting a more sustainable world through our water containers, adopting the best alternatives for the care of the environment, once they are available. With this step, Altice demonstrates with great determination and conviction, its social and environmental responsibility, preserving a planet that meets the needs of future generations” – said Luis Prieto, CEO of Ly Company Caribe.

The company has a cooperation agreement with the United Nations where they propose to carry out joint actions that promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda, and has the milestone of having been the packaging used for the last World Climate Summit.

In addition, Ly Company has a cooperation agreement with Pozos sin Fronteras, an NGO in charge of building water wells in remote places with limited access to this precious liquid. For the purchase of each bottle, a portion of the profit is destined to this NGO.

Representing LY Company Caribe were Luis Prieto, CEO; Joan Mella, Sustainability and Environment Manager; and Aurilen Castillo, Business Manager.

The meeting to communicate the Altice water in carton initiative was led by Ana Figueiredo, CEO; Desirée Logroño, Vice President of Institutional Relations, Gilda Vásquez Goico, VP of Human Resources and Liza Arzeno, Director of Public Relations and Sustainability of Altice Dominicana, respectively.

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