Expansion work on the Barrera de Salinidad Aqueduct in SDE

The general director of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD), Felipe “Fellito” Suberví, showed the progress of the expansion works of the Barrera de Salinidad Aqueduct, during a tour of the project, which aims to increase the production of drinking water for a population of almost 2 million people in the province.

Suberví explained that the work being carried out on the infrastructure will guarantee the supply of the precious liquid to more than 1.8 million inhabitants of the municipalities of Santo Domingo East and North, while emphasizing the Government’s commitment to improve the quality of life of the people through the institution he heads.

He indicated that due to the work being carried out in an accelerated manner by the CAASD brigades, the rehabilitation project of the Barrera de Salinidad Aqueduct has made considerable progress, in addition to specifying that priority is being given to restoring the pumping capacity with the replacement of 8 pumps.

“It is a commitment and priority of our President Luis Abinader and of us as CAASD, to increase the production of drinking water in Santo Domingo East and Santo Domingo North, which will represent a great advance for its inhabitants,” he stressed.

“We are working in an accelerated manner with the aim of recovering the 4 cubic meters, this means that we will be increasing in this stage more than 50% the production of this system”, he emphasized.

In that sense, the official detailed that they are also in the phase of replacement of equipment that had been working for decades at 40 % of its capacity, which will result in a significant increase during the next few days in the eastern zone.

“We are working at full speed because in the month of October Santo Domingo East will have greater water production, God willing,” said the head of the CAASD.

Fellito Suberví also visited other infrastructures, accompanied by collaborators of the institution, as well as personalities of the demarcation.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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