Minerd transfers RD4,209,957,452.01 to decentralized boards

So far this year, the Ministry of Education (Minerd), according to Ligia Perez, Vice Minister of Decentralization and Community Participation, has transferred DR 4,209,957,452.01 to the decentralized boards, which allows them to develop their annual planning without major inconveniences.

Of this amount, the regional boards have received DR 237,639,185.28 and the district boards a total of DR$474,537,682.62.

The institution has transferred to the country’s educational centers, through the decentralized, regional and district boards, the sum of 3,497,780,584 pesos and 11 cents, so that they can develop their annual planning without delays.

“Since the new authorities, headed by Minister Angel Hernandez, took office, the schools have been able to receive their projected funds on a regular basis without any delay, thus allowing them to develop their annual planning without major inconveniences,” said Deputy Minister Perez.

In serving the information, the Vice Minister of Education highlighted the great work being done by the educational centers, districts and regions through their decentralized boards, thanks to the availability of resources transferred on time according to the budgetary programming, which has allowed them to largely execute their activities and organize themselves adequately for the successful start of the current school year.

In this regard, he stated that some 4,178 educational centers underwent a process of refurbishment with decentralization funds, in view of the beginning of the school year, in this process the schools and high schools were given maintenance of painting, plumbing, repair of bathrooms, perimeter fences, kitchens, cleaning of playgrounds, conditioning of courts, repair of seats, chairs, tables, in addition to the acquisition of cleaning and office materials.

She noted that the decentralized boards are responsible for the use of these resources and must liquidate them on time, in compliance with the legal norms and administrative transparency, basic premises of the administration of President Luis Abinader.

Ligia Perez said that the Minerd budget contemplates a 2.5% line item to be transferred to the decentralized boards, which for this year is equivalent to some DR 6,337,044,931.90 to be distributed proportionally as follows: 5% to the regional boards, 10% to the district boards and 85% to the educational center boards. It is expected that by the end of 2023 the amount transferred to the decentralized boards will exceed the value of the years 2017 to 2020, combined.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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