Raquel Peña inaugurates five works in border provinces

Two provinces visited, five works delivered and more than 63,600 families benefited with the projects inaugurated, was the result of the day developed by the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, during this Saturday.

In the early hours of the morning, the Vice President toured Elías Piñas and Dajabón to deliver to the Dominicans new and renovated sports and production facilities, as well as road, electricity and solid waste management transformation projects.

Elías Piña

The agenda of the Vice President began in Elías Piña with the inauguration of more than eight kilometers of streets in the municipality of Guayajayuco, a project for which an investment of 83 million pesos was earmarked.

During the ceremony, Raquel Peña said that “the satisfaction is great” when the change that President Luis Abinader promised to the Dominicans reaches the communities so that all Dominicans have the same opportunities, with works such as the construction of streets which are fundamental to generate more development for the people.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Works and Communications, Deligne Ascención Burgos, indicated that they will continue to build the works that transform the country, fulfilling the word of the president and making the investments required for an integrated territorial development.


Later, the vice-president went to Dajabón, where she inaugurated, together with the general manager of Edenorte, Andrés Cueto, the projects for the rehabilitation of networks and lighting in the communities of Trinitaria and Vara de Vaca, executed by the electricity distribution company, with an investment of DR 36.82 million.

The works will benefit more than 400 families of the referred sectors, and residents of Los Miches, Mariano Cesteros, Valle Nuevo, Aguas Blancas, as well as Los Puentes, of the municipality of Restauración.

Peña and Cueto agreed that this project, which includes approximately 22 kilometers of medium and low voltage networks, the installation of 337 poles, 248 lights and 21 transformers, represents a significant improvement for the people of Dajabón.

As part of the agenda, the vice president also delivered facilities to continue strengthening access to comprehensive health care for the population. In this sense, she cut the ribbon to the Municipal Hospital of Partido and the Lucas Gómez baseball field.

The hospital was renovated by the National Health Service (SNS), with an investment of DR 44,813,670.63, which included the refurbishment of the entire facility: waiting room, hospitalization areas, surgical block, emergency, X-ray room, sonography and laboratories.

The hospital will now have: four consulting rooms, a dental module, sonography, vaccination, 10 inpatient beds, laundry, kitchen and dining room, nursing station, a pre-surgical and post-surgical room, an operating room, delivery room, three neonatal cribs, sterilization, storage, morgue, emergency, triage, observation cubicles, among other areas.

Regarding the play, the authorities said that it will benefit 6,035 people and it is a space that will increase the sports participation rate by 35% at the end of the first year and will impact the quality of life of the population, especially the youth and children of the community, the latter received the work with joy, in the framework of the Day of the Three Wise Men.

These facilities, which had an investment of DR 24,831,756.76, managed through the Presidential Commission for the Support of Provincial Development, are equipped with 5,847.86 m2 of baseball field, grass and red dirt, two bleacher areas and a back stop, two dugouts and restrooms.

On the other hand, Vice President Raquel Peña also led the inauguration of the Valorization Plant and Sanitary Landfill of Dajabón, a state project that offers a definitive solution to the management of solid waste in the province and Montecristi, impacting the welfare of more than 63,000 families.

The project, executed through the DO Sostenible Trust, directed by Paíno Henríquez, brings with it the technical closure of the municipal landfill in the community of Los Miches, putting an end to the contamination which for decades affected the environment and the health of the inhabitants of the border municipality.

In addition, 39 future projects of the same nature were announced for the eastern, southern and northern regions of the country, reaffirming the joint commitment of the Government and the Sustainable OD Trust to promote responsible environmental practices.

During the visits to the border provinces, Raquel Peña was also accompanied by the provincial governors of Elías Piñas, Dajabón and Montecristi, Millys Martínez, Rosalba Miralba Peña and Nelsy Milagros Martínez, respectively; as well as by Miguel Valenzuela, consul of the DR in Belladere, Haiti; and Minister Miguel Ceara Hatton, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources.

Likewise, the mayors, Santiago Riverón, of the head municipality of Dajabón; Nelson Darío Peña, of El Pino; Osclides Valerio, of Restauración and Manuel Rodríguez Ortega (Ney), of Loma de Cabrera.

Also, by the president of the Presidential Commission for the Support of Provincial Development, Ángel de la Cruz; Mario Lama, director of the National Health Service; Spencel Fragozo, National Director of Borders of Mirex; Ramón Rodríguez, Regional Director of the Western Cibao of the SNS; Senator David Rafael Sosa Cerda; Congressmen Israel Porfirio Bienvenido Mañón, for Elías Piña; Darío Zapata, for Dajabón; as well as other high-level government, provincial and municipal figures.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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