Airline tickets make it difficult to attract more tourists

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, has recognized that air connectivity and the cost of airline tickets are the main difficulties that prevent the country from receiving more tourists.

“We want to encourage competition, so that Dominican airlines can fly to the United States and Latin America to generate competition and lower airfares,” he said.

The minister gave as an example that in Houston a travel agent told him that he had 10 people who wanted to visit the Dominican Republic, but the air tickets cost them 1,500 dollars each “we are talking about 15 thousand dollars, but they went to Mexico which cost them 250 dollars and with the rest they paid the hotel”.

Collado pointed out that he sees the difficulty in every city in the United States that he visits to promote the country. “That is why the Tourism Cabinet has planned for air competitiveness, and the results of the arrival of tourists motivate businessmen to invest in the aviation sector, in new hotel rooms that the country needs, in new projects, in amusement parks such as the Katmandu park of the Meliá chain with an investment of 80 million dollars, and what it is about is to generate confidence”.

In presenting the tourism statistics for July, Collado emphasized that showing the results each month has generated aviation ventures in the country such as Sky High, Sky Cana and Arajet airlines, the latter being a reality for Latin America, as reported by the local press.

Source: Arecoa

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