Abinader at the World Health Assembly: We have guaranteed the 4 doses for all Dominicans

President Luis Abinader participated this Sunday in a speech before the 75th World Health Assembly, where he presented his experience in the fight against the Cvid-19 pandemic.

There, the president highlighted the strategies developed by the Dominican Government to be among the countries with the lowest lethality rate due to the pandemic. To date, the Dominican Republic has registered 4,377 deaths from the disease, one of the lowest in the world, and 15 million doses have been applied.

President Abinader indicated that 4 doses of vaccines are guaranteed to the population free of charge.

At the conclave, which is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, Abinader indicated that while the pandemic still persists and now that a war is affecting world peace, the Dominican Republic managed to recover one hundred percent of tourism.

“The victims claimed by the disease are millions, however, the stories of human losses will never be forgotten,” said the president.

Among the efforts to curb the disease, he cited the massive vaccination program, applying the third dose, which he said was fundamental to avoid increasing the level of lethality.

He said that the Dominican Republic, despite its limited resources, and always motivated by the solidarity that characterizes Dominicans, decided to donate vaccines to other countries.

Also to elaborate molecules to develop vaccines to face the disease, and they have had conversations to unite the most outstanding specialists for the creation of a vaccine laboratory.

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