Abinader creates Dominican Plantain Commission (Codoplátano)

On Tuesday, January 31, President Luis Abinader issued Decree No. 62-24, which creates the Dominican Plantain Commission (Codoplátano), as an inter-ministerial commission, whose purpose will be to jointly support the agricultural sector dedicated to the production and commercialization of plantains, as well as to advise the President in the elaboration of public policies that promote their cultivation, production, commercialization, processing and exportation.

Codoplátano is integrated by the ministers of Agriculture; Environment and Natural Resources; Industry, Commerce and Mipymes; the administrators of Banco Agrícola and Banco de Reservas; the directors of Indrhi, Inespre, ProDominicana and IAD; the president of the Dominican Association of Plantain Producers (Adoplatano) and two representatives of the cooperatives or associations of plantain producers of the ten regions of the country.

With this provision, the Executive Branch intensifies its support to plantain production, which will mean for the Dominican people the generation of jobs, the creation of public policies and incentives for the benefit of producers and the increase in the commercialization of plantains in the local and international markets.

Likewise, the creation of Codoplátano actively responds to the economic alerts that point to an increase in plantain consumption and that, on this occasion, offers an opportunity for the Dominican Republic to become a stable and secure source for the commercialization of plantains, with the application of new practices of good crop management and environmental sustainability required to make the activity more competitive in the foreign market.

This decision by President Abinader represents a decisive step for the benefit of the Dominican agricultural sector, whose producers will have a more effective way to express their concerns about the sector, which will allow the government to implement more efficient public policies, attached to reality and for the greater benefit of the nation.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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