Abinader delivers 264 apartments to complete 1,524 of the 1,760 projected in Model City

In order to continue promoting public policies that contribute to improve the quality of life of the people, President Luis Abinader delivered this Saturday to an equal number of families, 264 apartments of the Mi Vivienda Ciudad Modelo project in Santo Domingo Norte, which in its totality will benefit more than 6,000 people.

This is the fourth inauguration of new apartments that the Ministry of Housing and Buildings (Mived) has carried out in the project and to date has delivered 1,524 of the 1,760 units that Mi Vivienda Ciudad Modelo contemplates, equivalent to 86% of the total projected in the housing complex.

Prior to the delivery of the new housing units, the President, accompanied by the First Lady Raquel Arbaje and the Minister of Housing and Buildings, Carlos Bonilla, visited one of the families benefiting from these apartments, with whom he talked and shared lunch.

The project has an investment of more than DR 4,565 million, which boosts the economy from the construction sector, with the creation of almost 4,000 direct and indirect jobs.

During the ceremony, Minister Bonilla said that these apartments, added to those delivered nationwide, which are close to 6,000, represent a historic figure that no other government had delivered in such a short time.

“I want you to know that President Abinader will not rest until he fulfills the promise to deliver under this project 7,544 units which was our promise, because for us to keep our word is almost an obsession. And all these achievements are possible thanks to the will of a president who has invested a historic amount of resources to make these projects a reality”, said Bonilla.

Keilyn Rojas Santiago spoke on behalf of the beneficiary families, expressing her gratitude to the president for allowing her family to have their own roof, which she said she loves because it even has parks and recreation areas for the children.

Meanwhile, the senator of Santo Domingo province, Antonio Taveras, emphasized that the government administration of President Abinader has understood very well the importance for a family to have a roof of their own as a fundamental right and affirmed that he has made a revolution in the area of housing.

The following families symbolically received the keys to their apartments: Ramona Tavera, Matilde Gómez, Marilanda Santana, Ángela María Piñeiro and Margarita Arias.

Mi Vivienda Ciudad Modelo, which covers more than 123,000 square meters of construction and nearly 16,000 square meters of green areas, has 1,496 three-bedroom apartments and 264 two-bedroom apartments. It includes playgrounds, recreational and institutional areas, a basketball court, as well as parking areas for cars and motors.

The government began delivering the first 500 apartments of Mi Vivienda Ciudad Modelo in November 2022. It continued in February of this year with 260 new homes; another 500 units were delivered in July and 264 this Saturday, for a total of 1,524 in less than a year.

In addition to Mi Vivienda Ciudad Modelo, Mived is developing in Santo Domingo the projects Mi Vivienda Hato Nuevo and Mi Vivienda San Luis, while in Santiago Mi Vivienda Los Salados and Mi Vivienda Hato del Yaque are being promoted.

President Abinader was accompanied by the governor of Santo Domingo province, Julia Drullard; the director of the IAD, Francisco Guillermo García; of Pensions and Retirement, Juan Rosa, and of Presidential Management, Robert Polanco, together with the deputies Diomedes Rojas, Bolívar Valera, Alex Lara, Betty Gerónimo and Lucrecia Santana.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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