ADN and Banreservas Volunteers launch ECO-ADN pilot program for waste classification

The Mayor’s Office of the National District (ADN), with the support of Banreservas Volunteering, launched this Sunday the Eco-ADN, a pilot program that consists of a solid waste management system in which people from their homes, businesses or workplaces prepare and classify non-organic waste before taking it out for collection by the municipality, in specialized trucks.

People will be able to sort into 4 categories: plastic, paper or cardboard, glass and metal. Afterwards, they must register by e-mail at [email protected]
so that the route of specialized brigades will pass by the specified point and carry out the collection. The waste will be dumped in separate destinations, piles, thus reducing exposure to risks and diseases.

The collection route covers the polygon between Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Roberto Pastoriza avenues.

For greater efficiency, the project contemplates that on the same day of the week all non-organic waste will be collected in the special transport, and the rest of the organic waste will be collected in the usual manner and frequency.

Sorting at source is the most sustainable and proven method of solid waste management and is carried out in cities that are models of best practices around the world.

With this pilot program, the entities reaffirm their commitment to encourage sustainable waste management, promote recycling and reuse, and educate the population for the preservation of the environment.

“This pilot program is a pioneer in the Dominican Republic and what it seeks to do is to separate our waste at the source. The World Bank made a study where it is established that 35% of the waste we generate has the possibility of having a new life cycle, which means that we can separate it and prevent it from reaching the final landfill. This is why we are working with the Banreservas Volunteers, giving them the bags so that they can start with this separation from their homes, their businesses. It is an extraordinary opportunity to support our environment, but above all to contribute to our health,” said Mejia.

She also thanked all those who have registered and urged citizens to continue joining in this work for the welfare of the people.

The president of Banreservas Volunteers, Noelia Gracía de Pereyra, informed that among the actions of this organization is the donation of bags for the cleaning and ornamentation of the city of Santo Domingo, to contribute to promote a culture of reuse and reduction of daily consumption.

“ECO ADN implements the most modern and efficient method for this purpose, by allowing our fellow citizens to assume the responsibility of sorting organic waste, to be moved in the same day achieving a complete and functional circuit,” said García de Pereyra.

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