ALTA: Latin America breaks passenger traffic record in 2023

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region recorded a historic 451.6 million passengers in 2023, or 52.9 million additional passengers, up 13.3% compared to 2022 and a solid 3.9% above 2019 levels, reported the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA).

The figure sets a record for the region as, until 2020, it had maintained a steady growth trajectory since 2010, which was abruptly interrupted by the pandemic. The achievement resumes the growth path.

The Caribbean showed the best percentage increase in 2023, with 20% growth in the total number of passengers, 15% in the number of flights and 16% in seat capacity compared to 2022; so shows the LAC Air Passenger Traffic Report, prepared by ALTA.

“The report certainly reflects very encouraging results. However, we can still fly much higher. For if we have these results with such complex and sometimes adverse environments, imagine how this performance could be enhanced with an efficient environment,” said José Ricardo Botelho, Executive Director and CEO of ALTA.

He also advocated that States should include aviation in their agendas as an essential sector.

He stated that it is urgent to implement measures that promote efficiencies, updating our legislation, reviewing taxes, fees and contributions that often are not even related to the operation or the sector, generating incentives and ensuring legal certainty to boost investment and with a better strategic vision, taking aviation as an ally for the socio-economic development of countries.

Last December, passenger volume rose 6.3% compared to 2022, positioning it as the second month with the highest traffic of the year.

The growth translates into 2.4 million additional passengers, of which 1.5 million (62%) correspond to the extra-regional international market.

An increase of 3.3% was observed compared to December 2019, confirming the positive trend in the sector’s recovery.

Regarding countries, the Dominican Republic surpassed 13% the number of passengers with respect to 2022, setting a record.

Colombia recorded 49.5 million passengers, 2.8% more than in 2022, and stood out in the international market with a 30% increase.

Brazil surpassed 100 million passengers, reaching 95% of 2019 traffic.

Costa Rica reached a milestone by registering 7.9 million passengers, 11% more than the previous record in 2019 and 26% more than in 2022.

Panama marked a record year with 18.2 million passengers, surpassing 8% the all-time high of 2019 and 16% more than in 2022.

Ecuador recorded 8.5 million passengers, the highest figure since 2013, with a significant increase in international traffic in August.


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