Bishopric of Higuey and Banco Popular announce second Vigil in honor of the Virgin of Altagracia

The Bishopric of Higüey, with the support of Banco Popular Dominicano, announced the celebration of the second edition of the television and virtual vigil “For the love of the Virgin”, which will begin at midnight next Friday, January 21.

“Prayer is the key that opens the door of faith” is the phrase that identifies the ceremony, which will be held in honor of the Virgin of Altagracia live from the Basilica of Higüey and will be broadcast on more than 15 television stations.

This vigil seeks that, from midnight until dawn, thousands of Dominicans unite from afar to honor the protective and spiritual mother of the Dominican Republic, through prayers, testimonies and songs.

The activity will begin at 12:00 midnight, with an opening mass in charge of Monsignor Antonio Camilo, bishop emeritus of La Vega, and then the vigil will begin, in charge of Father Evaristo Areché, rector of the Basilica of Higüey.

During the early hours of the morning, there will be moments of devotion inspired by blessings, miracles, prayer, music, family and renewal of faith. In addition, a group of 10 young artists will be in charge of the “Serenatas de madrugada”.

The transmission will have unique moments starring the outstanding pianist and composer, maestro Rafael Solano, singer Maridalia Hernández, the Koribe group, directed by Nadia Nicola, and the National Symphony Orchestra, directed by maestro José Antonio Molina.

At 8:00 a.m., the ceremony “Thank you Virgin of my soul” will give way to the celebration of the official mass of the Day of Altagracia, in charge of Monsignor Jesús Castro Marte, bishop of the Diocese of Higüey.

National chain
The vigil will have more than 15 television channels united in a national chain, which will have Color Visión as its parent channel, under the production of Edilenia Tactuk, and will be hosted by Celinés Díaz and Cinthia Ortiz.

The other channels that will join the transmission are: Teleantillas, CERTV, Telesistema, Cadena de Noticias, Coral, Vega TV, Teleuniverso, Canal 25, Televida, Súper TV 55, Boreal TV, Megavisión 43, Teleunión, La Voz de María, Telefuturo and Quisqueya TV, for the United States.

In addition, the special broadcast will be joined by a network of radio stations and the signal can be followed from the YouTube channels of the Basilica (@BasilicaDeHiguey) and Banco Popular (@PopularEnLinea).

Marian devotion
As every year, Banco Popular Dominicano joins the festivities that frame the celebration of the day of the mother protector of the Dominicans, Our Lady of Altagracia, with its traditional great Altagraciano concert, which for the second time will not be held due to the existing sanitary conditions.

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