Boca Chica beach resort is now free of sargassum

The merchants of Boca Chica beach invited the population to visit the place, which is now free of the sargassum that prevented them from fully enjoying its waters, the sand and the calm breeze.

After months of frustration due to the conditions in which this emblematic beach was found, it is finally clean and free of this algae. This achievement is the result of hard work between the authorities and local merchants.

Aware of the long months of inactivity caused by the presence of sargassum, the merchants call on the population to return and enjoy this beautiful place. The authorities subjected the entire area to an intense cleanup, covering the entire coast of Boca Chica, so visitors can go without worries.

Although the flow of visitors was low this Sunday, the merchants are confident that the number of people will increase as the good news spreads.



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