Collado assures DR will receive 10 million tourists

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, declared that the Dominican Republic is making history and for the first time the country will receive 10 million tourists by the end of 2023.
Dominican Republic is making history and for the first time the country will receive 10 million tourists by the end of this year 2023.

“This year we are making history, we have had the best start of the year, with the arrival in the country of seven million tourists in the first eight months, of which 5.5 arrived by air and 1.5 by sea on cruise ships that arrived in Dominican ports,” Collado said.

The minister spoke during the inauguration of the XXXV Commercial Fair of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores).
(Asonahores), which is being held at Blue Mall Punta Cana, from September 6 to 8, with the participation of more than 170
companies of products for the tourism industry.

“And it is that every day we are preparing to be the best destination, the safest destination, because on our beaches there are no weapons, no drug trafficking, if not the heart of every Dominican and the desire to move forward,” he said.

Collado said that the development and the current positive situation of Dominican tourism has been the result of the joint effort of the public and private sectors to make this activity grow, “which is the main economic activity of the Dominican Republic”.

“Three years ago there is a public-private alliance that hurts the country, that is why we were declared number one in the world in the recovery of tourism in 2021 and 2022, recognized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which this year has again recognized the country’s tourism management,” said Minister

During his participation in the Asonahores trade fair, Collado acknowledged that the task of returning the ITBIS to tourists visiting the country is still pending, “and that is a commitment of this administration, to achieve that goal, and we will manage to resolve the stumbling blocks to execute it”.

The other issue on which Collado expressed his agreement is the pre-check for international travelers traveling to the United States, departing from the Punta Cana International Airport (AIPC), “because this will benefit the country, I agree that it should be implemented”.

The Minister of Tourism thanked for the opportunity to work with Frank Ranieri of the Punta Cana Group, whom he called “the true Father of Dominican tourism; I congratulate him and thank him for all the support received by the Minister and the Ministry of Tourism”.

“For me it is of great pride that life has given me the opportunity to work with Don Frank Rainieri, because he helped us solve the difficult situation that the country went through in 2019, when we had accidents and incidents in our hotel rooms, which had a negative impact on the name of the Dominican Republic, although it was later proven that they were not the country’s fault,” Collado recounted.

Since then, Collado said, “together with Rainieri and other industry players, we have protected the country’s name and developed a work agenda that has been a success.
David Llibre and other past presidents of Asonahores.



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