Collado attacks high cost of New York-DR flights

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, described as an “abuse” that a Dominican has to pay during the Christmas or summer season up to US$1,700 for a flight between New York and the Domincan Republic.

Collado assured that, with the Open Skies policy, which is supported by President Luis Abinader, the prices of airline tickets will become cheaper.

In addition, he indicated that the country will have greater connectivity with the aforementioned North American nation.

“We believe in free enterprise, in competition and competitiveness, but it is an abuse that in the month of December for a Dominican, after working a whole year, catching cold in the United States, to have to pay 1,700 dollars to get to the country, especially to the Santiago airport”, he added.

The representative of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), said he hoped that the Arajet effect, which has occurred in Latin America, where ticket prices are dropping to the Domincan Republic, will happen in the United States when the Open Skies policy is applied.

Collado spoke on the subject while heading the event where Arajet airline and Cibao International Airport announced for July 17 of this year the start of a direct flight between Santiago de los Caballeros and Medellin, Colombia.



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