SD ranks 801st out of 1,000 among cities to establish startups

Santo Domingo has a chance of making it into next year’s 100 spots

Despite dropping 50 points in the Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Index 2023, Santo Domingo ranked 801st out of the 1,000 best cities to establish an emerging company, or startup.

The capital of the Domincan Republic gained two points in the ranking and placed third in the Caribbean, only surpassed by San Juan, Puerto Rico (position 317), and Kingston, Jamaica (position 593), according to data from the StartupBlink research center, which noted that, although it did not secure a place in the top 100, “it showed good results in its potential and is well positioned to make the cut in 2024.”

This means, the report notes, that Santo Domingo has a chance of making it into next year’s top 100.

StartupBlink’s inventory includes 1,000 cities and 100 countries around the world. From North America, it leads the United States, which has four cities in the top 10 positions, these are: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Boston. There are 13 other cities of the North American nation in the first fifty positions.

Canada is in fourth place in the list of countries, while Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are part of the top 100 cities.

Santo Domingo does not appear in the top 100

In Latin America, the report explains, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama are among the top 100 countries and 17 cities joined the global top 1,000, increasing the region’s representation to 77 cities.

The Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Index (GSEI), according to the company, uses hundreds of thousands of data points processed by an algorithm that takes into account several dozen sets of parameters.

Emerging companies or startups are those that due to their business model achieve high revenues in a short time and are scalable, that is, they position themselves in the short term in their segment.


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