DR through Inabie leads school feeding in the Caribbean

The National Institute of Student Welfare (Inabie) reported that the Dominican Republic stands out as a leader in school feeding throughout the Caribbean, by providing nutritious food to more than 2 million of the 3.8 million beneficiaries who receive this service in the region.

The institution highlighted that approximately 53% of the students who receive school meals in the Caribbean are in the Dominican Republic, which shows the commitment of the Dominican Government to ensure that education and nutrition go hand in hand, for the benefit of those who are the present and future of the country.

These data are the result of an analysis based on the report “State of School Feeding in Latin America and the Caribbean”, prepared by the World Food Program (WFP) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which shows that the PAE in the Dominican Republic has more beneficiaries than countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Uruguay, among others in Latin America.

Government is committed to guaranteeing the service

In the framework of World Food Day, which is commemorated today, the institution highlighted the Dominican Government’s commitment to continue doing everything necessary in search of achieving 100% coverage of students, so that they have access to adequate nutrition that supports them in their educational development.

“At Inabie, as the executing institution of the Dominican State’s most comprehensive social program, we contribute to the nutrition of children and adolescents in schools by delivering more than 5 million food rations daily. With this we contribute to the reduction of school dropouts and hunger, a commitment of the government of President Luis Abinader”, said Victor Castro, executive director of Inabie.

The School Feeding Program (PAE) implemented by Inabie currently benefits 20% of the total population of the country, which represents a remarkable achievement in increasing coverage, in terms of equity and social welfare.

World Food Day

World Food Day is commemorated every October 16, a date promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with the aim of reducing hunger in the world.

The slogan for this year is “Water is life, water nourishes. Leave no one behind”, to emphasize that water is crucial for people, economies and nature, in addition to being fundamental for food, so a call for attention on the rational use of the liquid is made.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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