DR to host meeting of directors of Civil Aviation Training Centers of North America, Central America and the Caribbean

Dominican Republic, through the Higher Academy of Aeronautical Sciences (ASCA) of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), was selected to host an extraordinary meeting of the directors of Civil Aviation Training Centers of North America, Central America and the Caribbean (NAM/CAR), under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Clara Fernandez, rector of the ASCA and host of the activity, explained that the main objective of the meeting is to process the information of the various proposals and capabilities of the training centers of the region represented to improve sustainable instruction, with a focus on ensuring the continuity of the training of aviation personnel and the development of the skills of aviation professionals.

In welcoming the international delegates on behalf of IDAC Director Hector Porcella, Fernandez said that the meeting of the Working Group of Aviation Training Centers of the NAM/CAR Regions will represent an important step forward in responding to the challenge posed by the rapid growth of commercial aviation in the continent.

The activity, scheduled to take place on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 October at the ASCA facilities in the aeronautical complex of the IDAC, Punta Caucedo, seeks to identify training needs in all areas of civil aviation in each State and share information on the resources available in their respective training centers, including technology and specialized human capital.

Also speaking at the opening ceremony was the director of the Central American Institute for Aeronautical Training (ICCAE) and representative of the Central American Corporation of Air Navigation Services (COCESNA), Raul Melchor, who also serves as rapporteur of this meeting.

Melchor stressed that this type of meeting is an opportunity for training centers in the region to be more sustainable and also highlighted the leadership that the Dominican Republic has achieved in civil aviation, and especially in the field of technical training and specialized personnel demanded by the sector.

Participating in the meeting were the directors, delegates and representatives of the Civil Aviation Instruction Centers of the NAM/CAR Regions: Fernando Camargo, representative of the ICAO-NACC regional office of Mexico; Samuel Philgence, from Barbados; Morwenna Minguel-Meijer, from Curaçao; Omri Amaya Carias, from Honduras; Cary Price, from Trinidad & Tobago; Deborah S. Stephenson and Adrian M. Hoefer, from the United States; Jorge Luis Valverde and Rodolfo Valverde, from Costa Rica; Ana Persiani, from the Latin American and Caribbean Airlines Association (ALTA); Pedro Avella Carrillo, from the ICAO Training Office; Vanessa Byas, George Baez and Juan Perez-Richiez, the latter from the Dominican Republic.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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