Edesur installs new lighting fixtures at Quisqueya Stadium

Edesur Dominicana installed and normalized 88 new lights in the surroundings, periphery and parking lot of the Quisqueya Stadium, in addition to signing a new agreement with the board of the sports complex together with Leones del Escogido and Tigres del Licey to provide for the creation, for the third consecutive time, of two exclusive electric circuits in the ballpark.

The director of Edesur Dominicana, Milton Morrison, also informed that the entity’s brigades will remain in the environments during the games at the Quisqueya Stadium of the 2023-2024 winter fall baseball tournament, in case an eventuality arises, to provide immediate response.

“Edesur is an ally of sports, and especially of baseball. What we are doing is following up on an instruction from President Abinader, which is to support sports and Dominican athletes,” said Morrison”.

For his part, Vitelio Mejía, president of Lidom, thanked Edesur, which he described as an unconditional ally of the king of Dominican sports, baseball, for once again supporting the league.

“The manager of Edesur always has the doors open for the sport, doing a proactive and efficient job,” said Mejía.

Meanwhile, Fernando Armenteros Márquez, vice-president of the Leones del Escogido, considered that energy is an important component, for which he emphasized that “these agreements positively help the performance of the league in general and of each of the teams”.

Parmenio Rodríguez, president of the Quisqueya Stadium Board of Trustees and representing Club Atlético del Licey, praised the support received from the distributor. “Before this was not the same. We had problems of insecurity and with the support of Edesur, baseball has taken an important boost”, he said.

Source: presidencia.gov.do


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