First edition of the DR Fashion Fest is held

The first edition of Fashion Fest DR, was held this Sunday, with the presence of important fashion figures of the Dominican Republic, this new platform seeks to give opportunity to emerging designers to show their work.

Adonis Fernandez producer of the event said that this time they had 50 models “in this first edition we have six emerging designers, and their brands are known internationally and nationally”.

The Fashion Fest DR 2023 transmitted freedom, comfort, vanguard and fashion revolution, Fernande highlighted the support received “everyone has joined this first edition has been for us a great privilege to have very important brands,” he said when interviewed by RCNoticias.

The designer and director of the DR Fashion Fest Alexy Corman, presented his latest collection and said he will have “a collection full of elegance, glamor, fashion inspired by a time of a prince’s reign and a specific dinner that took place at that time”.

Other designers include: Jenner Morel, Melvin Henríquez, Raudy Báez, Olga Rosa and Yilda Santana.

Corman Burgos, a native of Santo Domingo, has had an innate passion for fashion. Since his childhood, he gravitated towards the world of design and began creating handmade pieces of clothing that he wore himself.

Inspired by his creativity, he recycled fabric scraps from the textile industry to make unique outfits for his siblings. By the age of 20, Alexy was creating pieces for clients independently and was also excelling at embroidering pieces with stones for other dressmakers.

At the age of 25, he took a bold step by starting his project, Exotic Rd. With this project, he challenged conventional fashion norms, breaking stereotypes and defying preconceived ideologies.


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