Government grants photovoltaic project to Santa Clara Energy

As part of its efforts to promote renewable energies in the country, the Dominican Government signed a definitive concession contract for the Santa Clara Energy Group’s Photovoltaic Installation project, with a capacity of 84 MWp / 67.70 MWn.

The contract was signed by the executive director of the National Energy Commission, Edward Veras Diaz, and Marco Antonio Gonzalez Soto, representative of the concessionaire Santa Clara Energy Group, S.R.L.

Energía FotovoltaicaThe project, with a nominal installed capacity of 67.70 MWn and a peak capacity of 84 MWp, will be located in Santa Cruz, in the municipality of Pedro Brand, Santo Domingo province, RD. This solar-powered photovoltaic facility will not only boost the country’s energy generation capacity, but will also contribute significantly to the diversification of its energy matrix towards renewable sources.

In addition, the project will have a storage capacity of 20.03 MW and 80.12 MWh, which will guarantee an efficient management of the energy generated, thus improving the stability and reliability of the electricity supply in the region.

The concession granted reflects the Dominican State’s continued commitment to sustainable development and the promotion of investments in the energy sector, in line with the objectives of climate change mitigation and the transition to a greener and more resilient economy.

This milestone opens a new chapter in the energy landscape of the RD, marked by progress towards greater energy self-sufficiency and the consolidation of its position as a regional leader in the adoption of clean and renewable technologies.

The signing ceremony was attended by the German ambassador in the country, Maike Friedrichsen, as well as other executives of the company and collaborators of the CNE’s Legal Department.


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