INDRHI says progress of Montegrande dam is 99 %

Institutions involved in the execution of the Montegrande Dam Multiple Project participated in a tour of different components of the work, led by Olmedo Caba Romano, executive director of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI), where they inspected the progress of the work, whose reservoir is 99% complete, the core component of the work that will be delivered by President Luis Abinader in 2023.

The head of INDRHI highlighted the teamwork led by President Abinader, about whom he pointed out that the paralyzation of the project was never an option. Caba Romano said that, upon taking office in 2020, even with the minimal progress of the work, the president committed himself to complete it, fulfilling last February the delivery of its social component, the village center where 390 families live.

The official was accompanied by Hostos Rizik Lugo, director for the Dominican Republic of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), the financing body for the hydraulic project, who said that the funds for the complementary works have been approved, so that construction would begin early next year.

Meanwhile, Manuel Mateo, director of Land Capture of the Dominican Agrarian Institute, the entity working on the agricultural and economic settlement of this project, after the tour, said that the work marks a regional revolution for its benefits to the agricultural sector. He was accompanied by León Colón, also from the IAD, who reiterated that together with INDRHI they are working on the finalization of the allocation of the plots.

Also present was a representative of the Commission for the Promotion of the Technification of the National Irrigation System, who are working on the design of the pressurized systems that will be installed in the plots for the sustainable management of water resources.

Indrhi technicians explained the dimensions and benefits of the project to the media present during the tour. Regarding the components that make the project a masterpiece with innovative engineering, they highlighted its service spillway that will serve as a cleaner of the reservoir and the emergency spillway, a structure that will handle the floods of the Yaque del Sur River.

Regarding the supply to the Southwest Regional Aqueduct (ASURO) for the production of drinking water, they indicated that the dam has a direct pipeline intake and that it will also include in its complementary works the gravity intake.

Representatives of the construction companies Andrade Gutiérrez and Servinca, and of the supervision company, SMM, participated in the tour.

INDRHI was also represented by the director of the Executing Unit of the project, Carlos Javier; the director of Operations and Irrigation Systems, Juan Carlos Nova; the environmental advisor of the executive directorate, Juan Fulvio Ureña; among other members of the project’s technical staff.


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