Initiatives promoted to increase tourist arrivals at Puerto Plata airport

Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom) and the Ministry of Tourism are working on initiatives aimed at increasing the frequency of flights at the Gregorio Luperón International Airport, which would boost the arrival of more tourists to that destination.

Among these initiatives are the promotion of Puerto Plata as a tourist destination, granting incentives to airlines and converting the airport into an ont port (home port) for cruise passengers. The information was offered by Luis José López, Aerodom’s director of communications, who highlighted that since 2016, when VINCI Airports’ global airport platform acquired six airports in the Dominican Republic, more than US$15.0 million has been invested in the remodeling and expansion of that terminal.

López explained that the Gregorio Luperón airport is a tourist terminal for the entire northern coast of the country and serves as a gateway to all the beaches and other attractions of the Puerto Plata area.

He indicated that the largest flow of tourists they receive comes from the United States and Canada, in addition to an important participation of visitors from Europe, especially Germany and Switzerland, through direct flights.

He pointed out that at the level of passenger arrivals they are still in the process of recovery, post pandemic covid 19 and war between Russia and Ukraine, so they are currently receiving a traffic of 800 thousand passengers, about 200 thousand less than in 2019.

He stressed that this terminal is world class, with a capacity to handle three million passengers per year, which represents a significant growth capacity to accommodate more passengers.
He also highlighted the investments made in its runway, which allow it to receive wide-body aircraft, its high levels of security and qualified personnel.


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