Ministry of Labor announces agreement between Edenorte and Siatraedenorte

The Ministry of Labor, through the Vice-Ministry of Mediation and the Directorate of Mediation and Arbitration, announced the agreement reached by the company Distribuidora de Electricidad del Norte (Edenorte) and the Autonomous Union of EDENORTE Workers (Siatraedenorte).

Both parties agreed to initiate a permanent dialogue process in order to find a solution to the conflicts affecting labor relations.

For the follow-up of this agreement, Edenorte appointed the director of Human Management, Elizabeth Martínez, and the manager of Labor Relations, Solanlly Polanco; while Siatraedenorte appointed Mr. José Alejandro Fajardo, general secretary; Juan Hernández Muñoz, assistant general secretary, and José Francisco Aracena, secretary of Finance.

The parties agreed to hold the first meeting within 15 days and then, from that date on, to hold monthly meetings.

The minutes of the agreement were also signed by Gabriel del Río Doñé, president of the Confederación Autónoma Sindical Clasista (CASC).

The Ministry of Labor reiterates that the institution seeks to ensure compliance with the procedures established in the Labor Code and to guarantee equal bargaining conditions for the parties.


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