Ministry of Youth calls young people to apply for XVIII edition of the National Youth Award

The Ministry of Youth (MJ) invites all Dominican youth to participate in the 18th edition of the National Youth Award (PNJ), dedicated to the environment and climate change, whose deadline to apply is October 31, and which this year will be held in the gardens of the Gran Teatro del Cibao in Santiago de los Caballeros.

This is the highest award granted by the Dominican State to Dominican youth and those interested must fill out the application form that is available on the institutional website (

In this regard, Luis Antonio Tejeda, national coordinator of the Youth Award of the Ministry of Youth, invited young people to participate in the NPC version 2024, while highlighting the importance of this award, which recognizes the talent of Dominican youth in various areas of knowledge.

“We encourage all young Dominicans in the country and in the world to participate; confident that this is the highest award of the State to the youth, guarantees transparency, ethics, plurality and democracy in favor of putting in high and in value to all young applicants in order to be chosen the best,” said Luis Antonio Tejeda.

He encouraged the Dominican population to spread the word about the call for the NPC 2024 and to encourage other young people to apply and spread the information, so that everyone echoes what will undoubtedly be a milestone in the participatory history of Dominican youth, he explained.


Applicants have the opportunity to choose the category that fits their evaluative proposal. The categories include 15 categories in different training areas: Contributions to the Rural Community, Contributions to Human Rights (Children, Adolescents and Youth), International Sports, National Sports, Cultural Development (Art and Culture), Business Development and Entrepreneurship, Political Leadership, Religious Leadership, Pre-University Student Merit; University Student Merit, Preservation and Promotion of Natural Resources, Voluntary Social Services in Favor of the Community, Professional Improvement, Personal Improvement and Achievements and Contribution to the Dominican Community Abroad.

To participate they must include a 5X4 photo, copy of ID card and/or birth certificate, letter of good conduct; photocopies of certificates, degrees and recognitions (the documents must be from the last 3 years); thematic essay, that is, a writing on a free topic related to the line of application. The essay must be typed on a computer with 2 spaces and must contain a maximum of 400 words, not exceeding 3 pages. If photos or videos are available, they must be added to the dossier.

A cover letter is also required, where a brief description of your work in the area of nomination and the reasons that make you worthy of the award. Likewise, letters of recommendation from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 organizations and/or institutions related to the award in which he/she is participating (letters must be from the corresponding year) must also be submitted.

Regarding the evaluation methods, Evaluation Committees will be formed by members of civil society, the private/business and commercial sector, and invited guests from the government sector.

The National Evaluation Committee is made up of guests from the private/business and commercial sector of the province and guests from civil society, together with specialists in each evaluation topic, as well as ministers and invited officials from the government sector.

While in the provinces these functions will be fulfilled by the governors – presidents of the Provincial Committees, provincial directors of the Ministry of Youth, secretaries of the Provincial Committees (without voice and vote), guests from the private/business and commercial sector of the province, guests from civil society and representatives of the municipalities and guests from the government sector.


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