Chicharrón in Santo Domingo: the best places to eat in the capital city

Of the pleasures of Dominican food, one of the best is chicharrón. And in Santo Domingo there are excellent places to try this delicacy.

So, if you are visiting the Dominican capital or live in the city and want to delight yourself with the best chicharrón in town, here are five places where you can eat the best chicharrón in Santo Domingo.

5 places to eat chicharrón in Santo Domingo

1. Pork and Beer

Known as the first Dominican chicharrón and mofongo franchise, this is a spot for those who love fried food and a good atmosphere. On the other hand, this place of baked chicharrones was born in Santiago and expanded this year in Las Praderas. Do you have a dry throat? Accompany them with their craft beer.

2. La Esquina del Chicharrón

Positioned in Naco, El Millón and Alma Rosa and with delivery at PedidosYa. Here there is a world of possibilities: yaroas, 1 pound service, mofongos, combos, all chicharrón. So what are you waiting for to delight yourself with everything tasty on their menu?

3. Chicharrón light D La Cayetano

The place you’ve probably been to without knowing it. Am I wrong? So, if you need a relaxed atmosphere to eat, Chicharrón Light D La Cayetano is for you. Good music and good food: is anything else needed?

4. El Neguev

Also, we have El Neguev. Although it is not an exclusive chicharrón place, it has delicious monfongo and chicharrón proposals. Besides being a restaurant, it has catering services for events. Here is the complete combo in this place.

5. D’Abel Parrillada

To close, we bring you D’Abel Parrillada. Do you want a good chicharrón, but maybe you would like to combine it with other meat proposals? Then look no further. This is for meat and offal lovers because we know you’ve got the urge to go right now.


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