National Congress closes DR-Mexico

With the reading of a Joint Declaration, the First Interparliamentary Meeting Dominican Republic-Mexico 2023 was closed this Friday at the National Congress, held with the objective of strengthening bilateral relations and improving cooperation between the legislative bodies of both countries.

The legislators of both countries agreed to promote an international treaty before the Caribbean countries, France, Holland and the United States, to develop an integral strategy for the eradication, prevention and productive use of sargassum, as well as to raise this problem before the United Nations Organization in order to seek agreements that favor its attention with an integral and global approach within the framework of the Conference of the Parties COP28.

The Mexican and Dominican delegations underscored the importance of carrying out joint actions at the bilateral and regional levels to improve the provision of health services for the benefit of comprehensive care programs for people, as well as to continue strengthening regional and global cooperation and increase the capacity for joint response to possible pandemics.

They considered it appropriate to take stock of the impact that the Covid19 pandemic had on both countries and the Latin American region.

They also agreed to generate a better environment for investment and the reciprocal exchange of goods and services, as well as to promote initiatives to increase the frequency of flights between Mexico City and Santo Domingo, and maritime and air communications in order to invigorate trade and tourism.

The First Interparliamentary Meeting was attended by a delegation from the Mexican Legislative Branch composed of eight federal deputies and six senators and a bicameral commission of Dominican congressmen.

For this important meeting, the congressmen spent an intense day at four working tables, where they discussed topics such as the current state of trade and investments between the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

They also analyzed the state of diplomatic relations between the Dominican Republic and Mexico and their outlook: the exchange of information on migratory matters and the expansion of cultural, educational and sports exchanges, as well as inter-parliamentary cooperation, the construction of common positions in forums and the exchange of good practices in parliaments.

They discussed issues related to climate change and the Caribbean Sea, with the participation of the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Miguel Ceara Hatton. They discussed coastal erosion, cooperation on natural disasters, management and administration of sargassum and protection of biodiversity.

The delegation of Mexican legislators was composed of Senators Beatriz Elena Paredes, César Arnulfo Cravioto, Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán, Gabriela Benavides Cobos, Elvia Marcela Mora Arellano, Alejandra Del Carmen León Gastelum, as well as Representatives Marcela Guerra, Jazmín Jaimes, Dionicia Vázquez, Pedro Peñaloza, Pablo Delgado, Paulina Aguado, Fátima Cruz and Mauricio Prieto.
Present for the Senate of the Dominican Republic were the president of the Senate of the Dominican Republic, Eduardo Estrella, as well as senators Faride Raful, Franklin Rodríguez, José del Castillo Saviñón, Lía Diaz and Ricardo de los Santos.

For the Chamber of Deputies, the president of the Lower House, Alfredo Pacheco, and deputies Priscilla D’Oleo, Verónica Ramírez, Lily Florentino, Ramón Ceballos, Ignacio Aracena, Aníbal Diaz and Ydania Doñé were present.


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