President Abinader inaugurates Solar Park in Esperanza

President Luis Abinader and Empresa Generadora de Electricidad Haina (EGE Haina) inaugurated the Esperanza Solar Park, located in the municipality of Esperanza, Valverde province.

With an investment of approximately US$94 million and an installed capacity of 90 megawatts (MW), this new plant will generate an estimated 200,000 megawatt hours (MWh) annually, enough to supply the demand of more than 80,000 homes each year.

This plant is the second largest in the country, after the 120 MW Girasol Solar Park, which is also owned by EGE Haina. The Esperanza Solar Park was built on a 180 hectare site. Of this area, 25% was preserved in order to conserve the endemic vegetation of the area, maintain the natural drainage, and minimize the impact of earth movement during the development of the project.

In the central words of the ceremony, José A. Rodríguez Silvestre, general manager of EGE Haina, highlighted that with the Esperanza Solar Park EGE Haina reaches almost 400 MW of wind and solar generation capacity, and advances towards its goal of developing an additional 1,000 MW of renewable energy by 2030.

“Today 35% of our installed capacity is clean energy. If we add the 37% of capacity coming from our natural gas plants, we can say that 72% of our energy matrix is already sustainable. This is an extremely significant achievement, which demonstrates our determination and dedication to contribute to the change towards a cleaner, more affordable and resilient energy future for the Dominican nation”, said the executive.

Rodríguez Silvestre highlighted that the generation of energy from this solar park will avoid the importation of 330,000 barrels of oil each year and the emission into the atmosphere of 125,000 tons of CO₂, thus decreasing dependence on fossil fuels and contributing to the country’s energy security. He explained that the hydrocarbon saved with the Esperanza Solar Park represents more than 25 million dollars per year, and also reduces the vulnerability associated with fluctuations in international fuel prices and avoids the uncertainty derived from the availability of fuels.

The event was attended by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, who positively valued the importance of this project for the National Interconnected Electric System, SENI.

The Esperanza Solar Park is made up of a total of 166,670 bifacial solar panels, which allow receiving solar radiation to produce energy through their two faces. At the same time, the panels have a system of solar position trackers that rotate 104 degrees according to the sun’s displacement, to guarantee a better use of the area’s irradiation, which is higher than the average for the Dominican Republic.

Another special feature of this plant is that it houses a digital substation, the first and most advanced in the country, as well as a transmission line of 13.1 km long at 138 kV, and also contemplated the adequacy of a line field in the Navarrete substation to transmit the energy generated to homes and businesses.

More than 800 people were employed during construction, mostly local labor from the communities near the project. In addition to this contribution, various initiatives, such as the construction and improvement of community infrastructure, have initiated the company’s ongoing collaboration with the surrounding communities to promote their progress.

The President cut the ribbon accompanied by high-ranking government officials, shareholders, members of the Board of Directors and the main executives of EGE Haina. The inaugural ceremony was also attended by government and municipal authorities, customers, contractors involved in the construction of this park, representatives of financial institutions, business associations, representatives of the diplomatic corps in the country and the media.

About EGE Haina

EGE Haina is the main public-private company in the country in terms of assets, investment and contribution to the State. Since 1999 it has invested close to USD 1.3 billion dollars in power generation plants. More than two decades after its creation, it has maintained its commitment to the development of the country through the production of sustainable energy, and to contribute to the growth and welfare of its employees and the communities where it operates. It currently operates 1,149 MW with a diversified fuel matrix and is the leader in the Antilles in non-conventional renewable energy (wind and sun); 72% of the company’s installed capacity is sustainable energy (renewable and natural gas).


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