Bavaro Airport to sell shares

The president of Grupo Abrisa, Abraham Hazoury, informed that the executives of the Bávaro International Airport (AIB) are open to receive the entry of local groups as shareholders, businessmen and also people from the community.

The hotel businessman added that the new terminal has an investment trust, through which small businessmen of the area will be able to have shares in the project.

“It is important to tell you that within the group of shareholders that we are sitting at this table, we have an investment trust that is going to be a partner of the airport, which is going to be sold exclusively to medium, mini and micro companies in the area of Higüey, Bávaro and Punta Cana”, revealed Abraham Hazoury.

During a breakfast in the Listín Diario newspaper, Hazoury expressed that the whole community will be given access to buy shares in the air terminal, including the airport employees.

He added that there will be a specific allocation of US$10 million for anyone who wants to invest in the project, including financing the shares to be purchased.

The opening is due to the fact that it will be “everyone’s airport”, affirmed the director Rafael Fernández de Castro. He said that there are many people interested in becoming shareholders. Also in attendance were George Muñoz, Adolfo Castro, Osiris de León, Cruz Apestegui, and Víctor Dumé.


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